HOW TO: Exclude Certain Posts From Homepage And Feed [WORDPRESS]

Writing lots of paid/sponsored reviews irrelevant to your main content? Writing lots of editorial and announcement posts? Writing about your personal infos on your niche blog? Oops, I forget to say, you are doing a bad job. You know, it spoils your whole content. You will lose lots of readers and RSS subscribers because of that.

So what you can do now? Give less importance or exposure to it! Stealth Publish WordPress plugin helps you for that.

This plugin prevent specified posts from being featured on the front page or in feeds, and from notifying external services of publication. Beneficial in instances where you want to publish new content without any fanfare and just want the post added to archive and category pages and its own permalink page. Install Stealth Publish plugin and check this box “Stealth publish?”

Stealth Publish

If you check that, the post will not be visible on the front page and in the main feed. Also check other alternatives if you are not comfortable with this.

Note : A stealth published post will also not notify any external services about the publication. This includes not sending out pingbacks, trackbacks, and pings to update services such as This behavior can be overridden via the ‘stealth_publish_silent’ filter.