Guest Blogging and Enhanced Transparency

Guest Blogging TransparencySince you have already heard all of the great things that link building can do for your websites, I really don’t think it is necessary to cover any of that. While it is a great move, we tend to lose sight into the best ways to approach it. Site owners these days are getting offers all over the world by people like me who are looking to share an article on their site. With all of the talk of Guest Blogging‘s perks, it really shouldn’t be much of a secret anymore into what the primary motive is for a guest blogger – Links!

The problem is that guest bloggers are still trying to become too sneaky with their links. If you’re contributing an article for the sake of a link back, then it is extremely important to tell the site owner. This is more of an applicable approach when the guidelines of the site have not been stated. While it is ironic, you’ll see this for sites that have a higher PR and flow.

This is mostly due to the fact that high PR sites contain content that is exclusive to the writers who are associated with that site. Once in a while though, if you can give great content, the editor/owner of the site might be open to your submission. The ideal situation is writing content so good, that the owner doesn’t care what you link to (within taste, mind you).

It’s About Establishing Relationships

Incase you forgot, site owners are people too. It is an unfortunate situation that guest bloggers and site owners can’t really talk face to face. If that were the case, the relationship would easily become more enhanced, which in turn opens up to easier submissions. But these interactions often happen on opposite sides of the world, and sometimes idealism can not interact with realism.

I have several sites that I regularly contribute to, and it really all just started out like any other link building campaign. The site owner knows what you want to do, but despite the cut and dry process, the least that you can do is treat the owner with as much respect as possible.

This means that if the owner is kind enough to put up your article, then make sure that you are regularly commenting on what people are saying about your work. This not only keeps the interest in the subject going (which keeps your link exposed), but also shows the owner that you didn’t just show up and leave. Maintaining these interactions could mean further invites for you to continue writing. Search Engine Land and SEOmoz articles frequently talk about this point.

Owners put a lot of time into taking care of the content that gets thrown at them all of the time. If you want to maintain relationships, then make a point to consistently come back to see how they are doing with their site. If they are looking for more from you, keep it coming even if there is no link involved. It’s a barrier to entry, but once you’re there, that is how you establish yourself in the blogosphere. Just make sure you’re writing good content.

This article is written by Sophia Lirendo. She is a blogger in tech, SEO and internet marketing who contributes content for AspireDirect.