3 Simple Tips To Boost Local Business Email Subscriptions

email subscriptions local businessProviding sales related content via email can be a significant piece of a Local Business’ marketing plan, and if it is done right, it can also be a very effective practice. However, in order for email to be a productive means of reaching customers, the email addresses must be valid and the owners of those addresses need to be engaged with the content that is sent. With some with thoughtful planning and implementation, local businesses can grow their email subscriptions and enhance current marketing efforts. Here’s how.

1. Be Clear With Content

It’s important for local businesses to be clear with potential email subscribers about type of content they are offering when subscribers sign up. Is the content your local business provides largely a digest of recent blog posts, do you provide email subscriber only offers, or a newsletter? Often email content which is new and fresh or at least different from what is posted on your blog will garner more attention than a repeat of what is already on the local business’ site. This type of content typically offers potential subscribers more reason to sign up for a businesses’ email. Finally, it’s often helpful to think about what it might take for you to sign up for an email from a business. With flooded email boxes, it often needs to be something special and worthy of a potential customer’s scarce time.

2. Give something away for free

Competition is fierce and today’s marketplace. Often one way to get loyal followers is to let your potential customers try out a product or service. Often it takes a significant reason for a potential customer to give you his/her email address. Something desirable for free is often that reason. Therefore, consider creating a tutorial to share knowledge, offer a business seminar, or provide a product. Of course, not only are you looking for an opportunity for your local business to gain email addresses for its marketing database, but also to market complimentary services along with your free offer. Make it as easy as possible for satisfied “customers” of your free service/product to purchase additional items. Also, ensure your local business is prepared for a significant response to your offer; there’s nothing like being unable to follow through on an offer to create a bad impression with potential customers.

3. Multiple Locations

Provide multiple locations for your local business website/blog readers to sign up for your email list. A visitor may only review a specific page or spend just a few minutes on your site. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you make your sign up form easy to find and quick to fill out. Consider creating different types of forms with varying amounts of information about why the individual should sign up for your email. Over time, you will likely learn what sign up forms and most effective for your customer base and hone the placement and content of these forms.

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