6 Secrets Of Effortless And Effective Blog Post Writing

Effortless WritingI wrote this post in just 25 minutes – not a joke.

You may wonder “How can I?”.

My answer to you is very simple, by following my blog post writing plan.

These days, writing is most effortless work for me, because of my blog post writing plan. I can crank out more than thousand words in less than half an hour without breaking a sweat.

But it didn’t always used to be this way. It didn’t used to be so easy.

The game changer that changes everything for me is “My blog post writing plan”, which made writing so much easier and effortless for me, that I can write one blog post in half an hour. All because of my post writing plan.

Which I’m going to share with you today here, all you have to do is just keep reading.

So let’s get into real story:

1. Use WordPress Full Screen Writer

Do you know the key that makes us slower writer?

If not! Then it’s distraction.

Distraction is the thing that makes us walk like turtle. But here’s the truth it’s not a story of Rabbit and turtle, that you can win the race with your slow speed. It’s blogging world where you have to be quick, if you want to win.

And for quick writing you have to avoid all distractions, which makes you slower and slower.

Do whatever you can do to create a distraction free environment, if you really want to increase your blog post writing speed.

Here’s My Way To Avoid Distraction :

The writing software that we use to write our blog posts are one of main villain behind distracting us from our writing. So it’s better to walk with a distraction free writer.

Full screen editor

WordPress recently come up with a very cool feature for writers with the label of Full screen Writer, which made writing more rapid and distraction free. So give a try to it.

2. Start With Headline

As we all know that the most important element of our blog post is headline, which gives us readers.

Headlines are the thing that grabs the attention of our readers and entice them to read our blog post. If you have creepy and uncatchy headline for your blog post, then no one is going to read it, but situation gets turned soon when you have good and catchy headline.

Remember one thing you can survive with a good headline and not so much good content, but you can’t survive with creepy headline and high quality content.

So it’s better to make 3 or 4 headlines combination, and think about which one is best for my blog post.

Here’s my way to get a catchy headline in 2 minutes :

I recall the whole story of my blog post in my mind, and then I write the title for my story. Like if I’m going to write a blog post on “how WordPress automatically saves the edited versions of all your post as autosave.”, and then my title would be “Self Storage Facilities of WordPress For Bloggers.”

So recall your story, and write your title. – see so simple.

3. Lede Line

The second most important factor of our blog post is our intro paragraph, which makes readers to read the rest of our blog post.

If you have a catchy headline for your blog post, but your intro paragraph is not so much attractive then readers will easily going to bounce back.

Because our intro paragraphs are like first food bite, if we like the first bite then we will eat the rest. If not then you know the exact place of food. Yaah! You are right, it’s dustbin.

Here’s my way :

I write my intro lines in a way that each line is linked with other line. So that if reader wants to know the whole story, then reading the whole post is only way.

4. Stick A Catchy Image

Image attracts people. Right!

I can’t count the exact numbers of how many times I’ve been lured into reading a blog post simply because it has attractive image attached to it.

There’s a saying that I would like to mention here “Image speaks thousand words in a single glimpse.”

And I’m totally agree with it, a well choose image can give you thousands of reader.

So always have a place for an image in your blog post.

Here’s my way :

I always search flickr to find a conceptual image for my blog post, with a proper credit.

You can also use this list : 40+ Websites For Copyright And Royalty Free Photos

5. Use WordPress Draft Feature

WordPress has self storage facilities of our blog posts, which has the label of draft. I personally love this feature, because it helps us to maintain the quality of my blog post.

As we all know that we can’t find our own typos, at the time of writing our blog post. So it’s better to save our post as drafts, and take a tea break. Because we don’t want to lose our content quality right, and typos can be a very major reason for losing our blog post quality.

Here’s my way :

Once I complete my blog post, I saved it as draft, and forget about it for a while.

6. Come Back And Publish It

Once you feel like now you forgot about what you’ve written in your post or your mind get refreshed, then it’s time to come back to your blog post and read it one or two times. You will amaze that how many typos and errors you’ve make in your blog post.

So taking a small break can make you familiar with your mistakes, and by tweaking all those typos and errors you can increase your blog post quality. That’s the thing we all want right.

Here’s my way :

I come back to my article and read it 2 or 3 times to find my errors and after tweaking it, I simple hit publish button of my blog.

IMAGE CREDIT : Soartsyithurts