ZAPstore: Online Shopping Made Interactive

ZAPstoreWait, before you ask me “Why I should count on another e-commerce portal?” It is not just an e-commerce portal, it is an interactive online shopping portal and a transparent one too. People can buy products at the price they’d like to pay for them. ZAPstore is what I’m talking about. It is different from other online shopping sites because they have introducing a new thing called “ZAP”. It’s design is also unique, and it shows how interactive it will be.

Every customer would have to “ZAP” to reveal a new price for the selected product. The customers will have an option to BUY the product at the price revealed or if they want the price to be much lower they can always come back later and “ZAP” to reveal a much lower price.

ZAPstore is developed by two friends from University of Texas, Balaji Gopalan (CEO) and Gokulraj GK (COO). They both aimed at making shopping an enjoyable experience.

How ZAPstore works?

1. Sign up on ZAPstore. You should have an account, so that they can send you a confirmation email as soon as your order has been placed. By default you’ll get 5 free ZAP.

2. After sign up, you can choose and buy one of the ZAP Packs. You can see the available packs below.

ZAP Packs

3. Now, you can go to your desired section and pick your favorite product. Click on the “ZAP It” on the product of your choice to reveal your price.

Suppose if the market price is 30,000 INR your price will be like around 25,000 INR

Now the ZAP It button turns into BUY It and you’ll have 10 seconds to buy the product. After that you can confirm the shipping and then payment. ZAPstore offers free shipping fortunately.

To know more about this “ZAPPING” process, you can [check this].

ZAPstore – How it works [VIDEO]

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Why I’m Going To Try ZAPstore?

Because by Zapping I can drop the price of my desired product for 70% or more. The drop varies from each ZAP to ZAP. ZAP points can be purchased at ZAPstore starting from as low as 30 rupees. I also love their in

Please remember you should have ZAP points (which you can purchase) in order to ZAP and the delivery address should be in India.

EXCLUSIVE FOR HBB READERS: ZAPstore provided a promo code for HBB Readers. You can use zaphbb30.You can avail 30% off on purchase of ZAP packs. The minimum check out price is Rs.20/-. Valid till Jan 2nd 2012.