HOW TO: Download Facebook Videos In Three Easy Steps

Long back, I shared a tutorial for downloading HD Quality Youtube videos and we also shared how to download Facebook Albums easily.

Now I’m going to share another simple tutorial for downloading Facebook videos in three easy steps.

Working Procedure For Downloading :

#1 – Go to Facebook Video Downloader and enter the Facebook video link in the download box shown.

Video Link? How to get that?

It is really simple. Go to the specific Facebook video, right click on it and select “Copy link address”. [I used Mozilla Firefox here and it is recommended.]

Video Link

Example :

After getting the video link, paste it in the download box as show in the picture below.

Download FB Video link

#2 – Now click the “Download This Video” button and then the streaming video opens in a new window.

#3 – Right click the video and select “Save video as..”. Hurray! Now your desired Facebook video is downloaded.

Save FB Video

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  • You can also try Facebook Video Downloader Chrome Extension for downloading Facebook videos easily.

    Do You Know? You can embed Facebook videos on your blog without downloading them.

    Do you know any other way/method for downloading Facebook videos easily? Please share it in the comments.