Rescue Your Data From A Failing Hard Drive

Have you ever heard a PC’s “Click of Death”? Then you must be a lucky lad! They are nothing but the clicking sounds made by Zip and Jaz drives when they begin to fail. The sounds are heard when the disks are inserted or when they are spinning in the drives. This clearly indicates your hard drive is going to die.

If you are diligent, you would have made full backups of your data. If that is not the case means, act fast!

What Should I Do Then?

Hard-DriveSimple. Buy or borrow an external drive, plug it in, and copy all your critical and important data. You have to offload everything you can and install a new drive before the old one dies.

If your hard drive is in extreme critical stage, then you won’t be able to boot Windows. Therefore, running any file-copy operations becomes impossible. Then you can try Linux-Based boot CD. I recommend Ultimate Boot CD. This will help.

After downloading the file, burn it to a CD and run the Linux OS straight from the disc. It gives you access to your drive without running Windows. Now you can easily offload all your files before your hard drive kicks the bucket.

What To Do If Everything Else Fails?

If everything fails then you have no choice but to seek professional help, which will, of course make your wallet lighter. Seek out a professional data recovery service. Be prepared to spend some bucks for the rescue.