10 Tactics To Get More Comments On Your Blog

It’s really difficult to find attention of your blog readers and covert the same to get more comments on your blog posts. The comments or rather those comments which provide value to your blog posts are like sweets and confidence boosters for bloggers. It is very well-known truth that getting more comments on your blog would definitely make it popular and better. The first thing you must understand is that it is possible to get more comments but it will happen only when the reader finds an article to be interesting and astonishing.

Tactics to Get More Comments on Your Blog

1. Questioning your readers

Questioning your readers is one of the best ways to engage your readers in conversation and subsequently to get more comments. In fact, a reader will never comment on your blog unless he himself has any doubt or want to drop a link of his latest article etc. The second option is more precisely chosen by newbie bloggers however it is not always true. By questioning your readers, you’ll be asking your readers to present their personal views on the respective topic.

2.  Answering commentators doubts

It is always a good practice to answer or clear the doubt of your readers instead of avoiding them. It is perhaps the best way to keep the conversation going and flood it with valuable comments. Also, interacting and putting your own views on the commentator’s comment will definitely keep the atmosphere around your blog a bit engaging and super healthy.

3. Exchanging the comments

It is well-known fact that most of the people across the world would only do something in exchange of something that they desire. Comments are no exception to this and if you’re expecting valuable comments on your blog then you must put valuable comments on other blogs. The best way to exchange the comments would be by building a relationship with other fellow bloggers. Arrange a meet-up with them and have a cup of coffee (or tea or whatever that keeps you relaxed).

4. Giveaways

The well-known fact which I discussed earlier applies here as well. As a loyal reader, I would certainly love to win freebies. If you’re thinking in a way that giving away freebies might just put you in trouble with respect to money then it’s totally wrong. Rather, think in a way that you’re investing some bucks on building your social presence and popularity. And for your info, giveaways do attract people and might just get you a viral traffic if the product you’re giving away is popular enough. Finally, you can try to put a question regarding the giveaway to get more comments.

5. Controversial Posts

It is very likely to get more comments on controversial posts or debatable articles than those with general titles. Reading an article title of such controversial posts provokes a reader to check it and post his personal opinion. The only time when you need to be careful is while posting your views about the respective controversial posts.

6. Promoting the way it should be

If you’ve launched a new blog or product that needs an initial promotion then make sure you start it with your own primary blog. Even if the new blog or product is totally un-related to your primary blog it does makes some sense to make the promotion. First of all, be open and mention that it is a promotional post. Let your readers decide whether they are interested in taking a look at it or not.

7. Sending Trackbacks

Are you aware of what trackbacks means? In simple words, when you link an external link, the blog owner is notified of the same. He is told that a trackback has been received from your blog and he must accept or decline the same. It will definitely amaze the blog owner and he or she might just check back the respective article and leave a comment.

8. Appearance does matters

All right! Who would like to check a messy web page even if the content is valuable and informative? I would simply close the tab and hunt down other websites rather than wasting my time in collecting that information. So, my point here is; take extra efforts on deciding which presentation technique is working best for your blog and apply the same for rest of your blog posts.

9. Swapping the article ingredients

It might just seem boring to your readers if you’re simply writing articles in same fashion for months. Go ahead and give a try to various other article ingredients such as infographics and videos once in a month to refresh your readers.

10. Commenting System

I should have talked about this initially but I thought about discussing the issue at the end. A good and hassle free commenting system is a good way to get more comments. Also, asking your readers a CAPTCHA or other verification code would most probably restrict them from commenting. Instead, use a good plugin such as GASP or Akismet to control the spam comments.

Putting final words – It’s very difficult to sum up the final words from above ten points but if I’ve to do it, I’ll simply ask you to deliver a well-researched and quality article and then following all the above tactics one by one.

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