4 Online Marketing Strategies for Christmas

On special occasions like Christmas and Easter, your imagination turns to: “think of a sound marketing strategy to gain maximum profit.” Well, it is really important to come up with a unique promotion in order to attract more and more customers. But, when we talk about marketing strategy for an event or occasion; it requires much more than preparing a good deal or offer especially when you belong to an online business.

Christmas Marketing

This article will highlight the important ways and aspects of marketing a Christmas deal or promotion. The start; of course, should be to design a perfect and appealing Christmas deal or offer for your customers. But, what is more important is how you promote that deal on the internet. Continue reading the rest of the article to find out some of the mandatory tools that you should use to boost your Christmas campaign:

1. Logo

The first thing online businesses should do is: align their logo with the Christmas theme. It isn’t necessary to make some extraordinary changes to the logo; just a little creativity can also help them through. Now, why is it important to have a Christmas themed logo design? It is important because your logo is your identity; your customers relate to you and your products through your logo design; hence, adding the colours of Christmas to your logo will help you connect with your customers in a much better way. This will also send your customers a message that you’ve got something good to offer this Christmas.

2. Design a Separate Landing Page for your Christmas Promotion

You have designed a perfect Christmas deal for your customers; the next thing you should do is design a landing page for the promotion on your website so that your customers are able to get all the details of your Christmas deal at one place in an unambiguous manner. The graphics of the landing page should be aligned with the Christmas theme and it should be attention grabbing.

The better you are able to present your Christmas deal in front of your customers; the more you’ll be able to benefit from it.

3. Update your Website Home Page

The home page of your website interacts with visitors on behalf of the rest of your web pages and creates what is called ‘the first impression.’ Your customers should get a glimpse of your Christmas campaign from your website home page. Their first thought should be like: Wow! I guess I’ve landed on the right website; I can get something good from here.

You should also link your Christmas promotion landing page with your website home page. An easy way to do this is by placing a side banner of the Christmas promotion on your home page that links to the landing page.

4. Use the Power of Email Marketing and Social Media

Email marketing can give your Christmas promotion a great boost. Design a perfect looking email for your Christmas deal and send it to your potential customers; promote your Christmas offer through your official pages on social networking sites. This will help you reach more and more customers; hence, it would help you increase your sales on the lucrative occasion of Christmas.

These were some of the major steps that should be taken in order to run a successful marketing campaign. However, more tools and portals can be used depending upon the nature of the business, but one should remember that quality matters more than quantity. All the best for your Christmas Campaign!

10+ Awesome TRON Gifts For Your Geek Boyfriend

Tron: Legacy is a 2010 American science fiction film produced by Walt Disney Pictures, released on December 16, 2010. It is a sequel to the 1982 film Tron. Though I’m not a Tron fan, still these gadgets tempt me to watch that movie quickly.

You can surprise your Geek boyfriend by gifting him some special TRON gadgets. I collected some popular gadgets from various sources.

#1 – Oakley Tron 3D glasses

Oakley Tron 3D glasses

“Collaborating with Oakley provided Disney with a great opportunity to interpret the aes thetics and themes of TRON: Legacy into cutting edge eyewear for fans to enjoy,” said Stephen Teglas, vice president and general manager of Fashion & Home North America at Disney Consumer Products. [Source : CrunchGear]

#2 – Razer Tron mouse and keyboard

Razer Tron mouse and keyboard

From the Rez and De-Rez lighting effects during start-up and shutdown to the smooth black finish of the Hyperesponse™ keys, the TRON Gaming Keyboardis exactly what you need to dominate the game Grid. A detachable modular keypad, lighting effects triggered by in-game actions, and fully programmable keys with macro capabilities make this a must for any TRON fan. [Source : Razer]

#3 – TRON Mouse

TRON Mouse

The TRON Gaming Mouse comes in an ambidextrous design with a luminescent blue glow protruding from sleek edges and lines. Designed for the upcoming TRON: Evolution game and inspired by the Light Cycle featured in the film, the mouse creates light alerts based on your in-game actions, thrusting you into the TRON universe. [Source : Razer]

#4 – Monster TRON Headphones

Monster TRON Headphone

The LED Light Drive System is a first in Monster headphones and recreates the movie’s animated lighting effects. The headphones also have a noise-isolating feature to block out external noise. It can double as a headset thanks to a removable boom microphone that can be attached to either side. [Source : iPodNN]

#5 – TRON Mousemat

TRON Mousemat

Besides enjoying light alerts triggered by in-game actions on an interactive gaming mouse, gamers can now add the gaming mouse mat that features a bio-luminescent tracking glow trail as they swipe their mouse across the smooth, hard surface. [Source : Razer]

#6 – Tron Xbox 360 Controller

Tron 360

Light-up orange accents illuminate nighttime gaming sessions on this officially licensed Microsoft Xbox 360 controller. With its sophisticated and simplistic design, it features precision controller parts and vibration support, performance enhancing counters and design, and rubber-grips with a soft-touch finish. [Source : PDP]

#7 – Tron Wii Controller

Tron Wii

Based on the designs of both the film and game, the TRON controllers will feature unique, performance-enhancing contours and design, rubber grips with a soft-touch finish and perforated details and light-up accents reminiscent of the TRON universe to illuminate late-night gaming sessions. [Source : Nintendo Life]

#8 – Glowing Tron T-Shirt

Tron T-shirt

The sweet glow-in-the-dark piping looks to be very nicely adapted from the movie, and the shoulder pads are a nice touch. Of course, wearing this is perhaps even nerdier than wearing a Wi-Fi detecting shirt. [Source : The Daily What]

#9 – Adidas Tron Shoes

Tron Shoes

It turns out the glowy bits are “glow in the dark stitch detailing and reflective TRON disk screenprints” probably made from reflector material. In their defense, that stuff can get pretty bright in the right environment, and it lasts a long time: I have some Pumas from 2001 that still shine. [Source : CrunchGear]

#10 – Tron Light Cycle

Tron Light Cycle

You can customize the bike with whatever color you like (but there’s only 1 of each color being made, so hurry), the wheels are hubless, and you can pick between gas or electric engines. [Source : CrunchGear]

#11 – Tron Notebook Skin

Tron Notebook Skin

There are lots of notebook skins you can get from Skinit. The light disc one looks familiar to Tron thing. [Check Skinit]

#12 – Tron Skatecycle

Tron Skatecycle

Created by Alon Karpman of Brooklyn Workshop, the custom-built skateboard is actually a Freerider, modded to sport the colors and lights of the movie’s signature Lightcycles. The results are impressive, to say the least — enough to give modding-incapable Tron nerds some serious geek-envy. [Source : Cool Things]

#13 – TRON: LEGACY Audio Dock

Audio Dock

TRON: LEGACY audio dock is inspired by the iconic data disk from TRON: LEGACY [Source : TheNextWeb]

#14 – Tron Lighted Identity Disk

Identity Disk

A Tron Identity Disk looks like a glowing frisbee, but it is a powerful device with many amazing abilities. [Check Amazon]

I collected some popular gadgets that could make great gifts for boyfriends, from various sources. Did I miss any TRON gadget here?? You can also help me to update this list by mentioning them below!