4 Simple Tips To Make Your Blog A RockStar

My blog rocksBlogging is something which seems to be pretty amusing and full of fun in the beginning, but as we go ahead we find the ugly truth.

It ‘s easy but it’s pretty complicated and you might or will get frustrated that despite your efforts you’re not getting the desired traffic or whatever you think you deserve. Earlier we saw 5 Simple Ways To Make Your Blog Addictive.

I too faced the same problem and that feeling occasionally comes back to me, but here are some things that I did to defeat that fear or anxiety of failure. And here is what you can do to make sure that your blog rocks :

Make sure you get into the right niche!

This is an important point. Think twice(if not more) before you step into that niche. If you don’t choose the right topics, you might find it really difficult to find something to write about and interact with other blogger’s in your niche.

If you can’t find the right niche, why not start with a personal blog till you find the one which suits you!

Blogging for just money ? Abort!

Many bloggers admire the humongous earnings of famous bloggers but they don’t realize the amount of effort that went in to build up that blog.

Moreover, people assume that they will be making money from the first day of their blog and hence stuff their blogs with affiliate links and advertisements.

Avoid having any kind of advertisements until you gain the minimum amount or the threshold traffic that can really convert into profit.Till then just concentrate on building up quality content for your blog and money will automatically flow in.

Decide your look!

Well, I too faced the same problem as I never got satisfied with the design of my blog and I had to pay for it!
Finalize the design of your blog before you start branding it.Frequent changes are not good for SEO as well as it might confuse your readers.

Don’t get too personal

People are looking for information and they care the least about what you had in dinner last night. If you like to get personal in your blog posts, you should consider starting a personal blog.

Getting too personal is different from sharing your experience and the conclusions that you deduced from your mistakes. Sharing what might be helpful to your readers is great but telling them about your pet in a blog post about Search Engine Optimization is a bit awkward.

Well I hope that these tips helped you improve your blog and fix any issues that you might have in making your blog a rockstar!

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