Essential Techniques To Capitalize On Affiliate Sales

Affiliates SalesEvery blogger’s aim is to post some informative articles that would attract the targeted audience easily. They also aim to make some money through their blog which becomes possible with the affiliate marketing alternative. You might be one among them wishing to promote your blog to earn money. If so, you need to follow some techniques to maximize affiliate sales of your blog and also to sustain your customers.

Even though there are lots of ways to promote a particular product in the market, you should be choosing the best method to get your blog visitors to prefer on a particular product and buy it. So, naturally you need to focus on finding the products that are selling in a good rate in the current trend and then move on to advertise them on your blog. These techniques work great on my site where I Nuance and Eltima Coupon and helped me to create few bucks with affiliate sales.

What actually is Affiliate Sales?

As you can think this is a kind of sales and yes its true. So if you can’t sale then it’s simply no profit for you. Affiliate sales are the sales in which you sell products which are manufactured or designed by other companies and you help them with a platform, like your website or blog, to drive traffic to their site and converting the visitors to customers. Not to mention, you get a percentage of their sales.

Reliable products

Try and choose trustworthy products to advertise them on your blog. If a customer buys a product through your website, after reading some articles/posts in your blog, and if he/she has any questions or issues, the first person they are going to raise the question on, will be none other than you. So, you need to make sure that you market and advertise only trustworthy products. You also need to know complete details about the product to make sure that you answer the customers, whenever they approach you for a query.

Analyze ideas

The next step is to analyze. You have to outline new ideas everyday to enable your blog to sustain on the World Wide Web, since the number of people visiting the internet is increasing day by day. Take your own time to frame new ideas which will surely help you to get more followers. Portray the products in an eye-catching manner and ensure that you are completely done with the process of analysis before you start to execute your plans.

Provide regular updates

You need to introduce new products then and there to your customers when they are updated in your blog. An email-list will help you perform this task. Build a good Email Marketing List for this. The customers will be able to know the regular updates and so they will visit your blog at regular intervals which thereby results in maximizing your affiliate sales.

Sustain traffic

If your blog is bound to get more traffic on daily basis, be sure to promote products that possess high credibility. You need to make proper research before promoting a product. You will be paid by the company that actually manufactures the product, for every single product the customer buys from your blog/site. If you promote cheap and unreliable products, you are bound to lose your customers which directly will affect your affiliate sales.

Product reviews

Writing reviews about those products that you had put up on your blog will actually help you to get more visitors, since most people tend to purchase products only after going through reviews posted in various websites/blogs. You can write about the advantages and disadvantages, the cost, and discount offers regarding a particular product. This helps to bond with your customers easily as they will start to trust your blog than before.

With all that being said, you need to mix all these various techniques to promote the products to maximize your affiliate sales.

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7 Ways Bloggers Can Capitalize on the Holiday Season

Bloggers and Holidays

From a business perspective, the holidays are really only about one thing: making more money than at any other time of the year. While this may sound cutthroat and contrary to the spirit of the season, the reality is that many retailers depend on the holidays to make up for slower times and generate a huge chunk of their yearly profits. If you run a blog with the intention of making money, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t grab a piece of the proverbial pumpkin pie too. From Thanksgiving to New Years and everything in between, here are seven ways for bloggers to capitalize on the holiday season.

1. Help Your Readers Navigate Through Black Friday

It’s safe to say that nobody really likes Black Friday, even if they appreciate the deals available to those who drive off into the darkness to stand in line in front of their favorite big-box retailer. Virtually every site in your niche will already be compiling a list of deals based on circular ads, so why not go the extra mile by helping them decide between the best deals?

If your niche is wireless internet, you might create an article along the lines of Compare Verizon 4g to Alternative Providers” instead of simply rehashing the cost of Best Buy’s mobile hotspot hardware compared to Walmart’s, which your user can readily find at a thousand other sites. Anyone can tell that one price is lower than another, but it takes expert advice to determine which is a better value.

2. Compile a List of Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday, the first Monday after Thanksgiving, is the online shopping equivalent to Black Friday. Unfortunately, it’s even more confusing than Black Friday because most retailers don’t announce their sale items and prices until Cyber Monday itself. For this, a comprehensive list of deals relevant to your niche is actually called for. If your blog specializes in a discussion of computer components, you should log onto sites like, and shortly after midnight to start hunting for deals and assessing their value. Your readers will truly appreciate the gesture when they wake up to start online shopping.

3. Tell a Personal Story About Your Thoughts on the Holidays

The holidays give you a perfect opportunity to connect with your readers on a more personal level by sharing a story or your thoughts regarding the season. Web users are more attracted to blogs when they feel like they can relate to the author. If you haven’t already done so, this may be a great opportunity to post a video in which you speak directly to your readership. Whether you love or hate the holidays, odds are good that you’ll have something worthwhile (or at least humorous) to discuss. Examples include your worst Thanksgiving dinner, your favorite Christmas present and your best New Years party. An interactive topic such as this is also a great way to coax your readers into leaving some comments.

4. Share Possible New Years Resolutions Related to Your Niche

Many blog niches are conducive to compiling a list of possible New Years resolutions, or ways to keep something that’s normally rather ill-fated. The solution will be obvious for a health and fitness blog, but somewhat more challenging if your niche doesn’t directly relate to personal betterment. For example, if your blog focuses on web development, you might suggest New Years resolutions such as learning one of many newer programming languages, and describing the benefits and best applications of each.

5. Craft a Humor Piece Relating Your Niche to a Holiday

The holidays are often more stressful than they ought to be, and your readers may be looking for some comic relief as a result. IGN, a video game review and news website that’s a little too big to be classified as a “blog,” recently capitalized on the holidays with a humorous article entitled Seven Annoying Gamers to Avoid This Thanksgiving. The article works because it’s funny, at least partially accurate, related to both the site’s niche and a holiday, and targeted squarely at the site’s audience. It received 41 pages of comments, a testament to the kind of reaction it mustered from the site’s readership.

6. Run a Promotion of Your Own

Instead of just pointing your readers to other sales and deals, now might be the time to run a holiday promotion of your own. Give your visitors a reason to convert to repeat visitors by offering a different promotion every day or week of the season, and not announcing the nature of each deal in advance. Once your readers get into the habit of checking your blog on a daily basis, they may continue that trend well into the new year.

7. Organize a Holiday-Themed Contest Based on Your Niche

This is another great way to get your readers involved in your blog, potentially while generating some free content at the same time. Ask your readers to send pictures, videos, prose, or any other type of content with a holiday theme that relates to your niche. Offer a popular item, such as a tablet PC or an e-reader, as the top prize. The small investment you make in the prize itself will pay off many times over in the amount of traffic and publicity you generate for your blog.

This article is written by Mitcho Conner. He is an Internet writer and he regularly blogs about new tips and tricks.