Reduce Blog Bounce Rate: Essential Tips You Should Know

It doesn’t matters how much traffic your blog is receiving unless your blog is not making any conversions from that traffic and the one of worst enemy of the conversion killing is your blog bounce rate.



If your blog has higher bounce rate it simply means that your blog visitors are not staying long enough to take any action on your blog. So it’s become very important that we work on lowering down bounce rate. But first let me give you a short intro on what bounce rate really is.

Bounce rate is simply defined as ratio of single page visit or visit in which the visitors left your site from the start. In short it tells us that how many visitors bounce out from your site without doing anything. So if you want to increase you conversion then keeping your blog bounce rate to its lowest point is most important and first step that we all should take.

Don’t get any wrong impression about bounce rate. That lowering down the bounce rate is a rocket science that we all can’t easily learn and master. No guys! It’s not any rocket science if you really want to lower down your bounce rate then you just has to tweak something that is trampling your blog bounce rate. Because one of major villain that kills your blog conversions is bounce rate.

So below I rounded up some suggestions and tweaks that you can use to lower down the graph of your bounce rate.

Quality Of Your Audience :

Quality of audience matters most if you want to decrease your bounce rate. If your blog is about how to make money online then make sure that you drive only those people to your blog who are really searching for make money online or at least they are related to your niche. Because it useless to send visitors who are looking for how to cut the apple.

If you are sending these types of people then it’s definite that the graph of your blog bounce rate is going on high. So if you seriously want to decrease your blog bounce rate and increase your conversion rate then make sure your blog is receiving a very highly targeted audience.

Layout & Design :

Be a very careful when you are choosing or designing theme for your blog. Because a creepy looking blog theme is only going to help you to increase your blog bounce rate. Many of bloggers recommend genesis theme for better bounce rate.

The look & design of your blog can force your visitors to stay on your blog to read more.

Content :

Content is major player that help us to have lower bounce rate or higher bounce rate. If your content is good enough and informative to read then your blog bounce rate is automatically going to slide down. If not then you are smart enough to know what’s next.

Do you know the main power behind high conversion rate and low bounce rate of Copyblogger & problogger is their content? They really provide some quality content all around the blogosphere that automatically slide down there bounce rate and slides up their conversion rate.

So make sure you also publish some quality content. And never ever publish any copy content from somewhere else because if you do this it’s only going to trample your credibility and your blog. Really content is king…..


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You were born original, Don’t end up copying…..

Quotes & Sayings :

Quotes and sayings are smart way to represent a big story in few lines. And not only that quotes and saying also help us to capture the reader’s mind and keep them engage with our piece of written words. That’s ultimately going to help you in decrease the bounce rate of your blog.

So make sure you include some nice quotes & saying in your content pie…

Grow the user engagement tree :

If you’re content pie is really amazing and your readers are enjoying it. Then they defiantly are going to share their thoughts and opinion in comment area. So make sure that you get back to it with appropriate reply.  Because this will going to help you to build more credibility and encourages other blog readers to spend some more time to take part into conversations.

Too Much External Links :

Putting too much external links on your blog also plays a major role in sliding up the bounce rate of your blog. Because many time readers get distracted to see many links and end up on shutting your blog or some time they click on any link and start reading there. So ultimately you are losing your blog readers and at the same time also increasing your bounce rate.

So always try to reduce the number of external links on your blog If you want to slide down your blog bounce rate.

Plugins & Widgets :

Advance sorry for those bloggers who’s blog doesn’t run on WordPress. Because this point is only dedicated to all WordPress bloggers. We all know that WordPress has millions of plugins and widgets that gives us ability to do anything with our blog. And there are also some plugins that helps us to reduce our blog bounce rate like popular post, related post, contest, polls etc..

Interlinking your blog post :

Interlinking is one of very effective strategies that lots of bloggers are using to lower down their blog bounce rate. Because by interlinking your blog post you are helping your readers to discover your writing milestone without wasting your visitor’s efforts. And makes your blog readers to stay on your blog for little while that ultimately going to slide down your blog bounce rate. Make sure your article linking strategy is not distracting your readers.

Playing Q&A with your readers :

Do you know the easiest way to keep your blog readers engage with your blog post is by asking some questions that they are going to answers in comment section or somewhere else. That’s going to help you to slide down your blog bounce rate.

So here are my suggestions to slide down your blog bounce rate ends. Now it’s your turn to spread this post and share your thoughts about this post and tips that you uses to lower down your bounce rate in below comment sections…