Create Your Own Social Networking Community Easily

The growth of Social Networking sites in India is immense. Creating your own social networking site is easier said than done; making it mobile compatible is even harder. There are plenty of tools and free scripts available for creating your own social networking community; sadly, none of these frameworks are tightly integrated with mobile platforms like Android, iPad, iPhone, tablets and so forth.

If you want to create your own social sharing site with apps for Android and iPhone, have a look at Boonex Mobile Apps. Boonex is superb mobile social networking software which allows you to create mobile specific applications for your social community. Mobile apps created with Boonex are closely integrated with Dolphin, which offers a unique platform for expanding your social network to targeted mobile users.


Two main Advantages

First and foremost, the reach of your social site increases as users can download your application from the respective app stores. Second, users will enjoy your mobile apps and need not necessarily use a computer to connect with their friends and followers.
Here is an example of a demo social site created with Boonex

Boonex works on the concept of plug and play, you don’t need coding or programming skills to build a mobile app in the first place. This is ideally suited for small businesses who have a low budget and want something out of the box, rather than spending a good amount of money on web developers and designers for developing their mobile applications.

So what exactly Boonex can do for you and what features will you get in the package? Well, Boonex has got you covered with the following features:

  • Member profiles and friend browsing.
  • Photo, Video and media uploads directly from the phone or desktop.
  • Photo uploads straight from the camera app.
  • Video, Music and multimedia browsing.
  • Connecting to third party sites that are powered by Dolphin.
  • Friend requests, timeline view and real time notifications.
  • GPS based location updates and search y location or keyword. based search.

Overall, Boonex is undoubtedly one of the best ways to create open source iPhone Apps and Android apps for social sites. Dolphin comes at Prime and Enterprise package plans which includes Dolphin smart community builder, along with mobile rebranding licenses, unity memberships and installation services. The Enterprise plan is geared towards creating a network of community sites while the Prime plan is ideally suited for single social platforms.