Don’t Get Bogged Down When Blogging

Don't get BoggedBack in 1996 I found this burning sensation inside to share my thoughts, opinions and experiences online. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and the likes weren’t around and I didn’t want to just send everyone emails about things they might not be interested and nor would it reach anyone in the world, so I realise that blogging was the thing to do. Web software like WordPress was not around, this forced me to build my own platform to publish my information and allow others to read and comment on it.

Working under these circumstances required time, WordPress and other blogging platforms allow you to post information quickly and a lot of the hard work is taken care of for you, but I didn’t have this luxury and thus learnt how to blog quickly and accurately without spending too much time doing it. I speak to aspiring bloggers every single day of my life and I’m asked the same questions each time:

1. What should I blog about?

2. How much time does blogging take?

3. Will people like what I write?

The question which relates best to this post is question 2. If you’re a blogger or have tried blogging, I’m sure you’ve opened up a document or taken a piece of paper to write a post and before you know it, 20 minutes have gone by and you’ve got absolutely nothing written down. If you’ve experienced this you’ll be smiling inside because you’ll get it!

So, what’s the point? Well, the point is quite simple: A lot of people want to start blogging, but when they try to, it takes 2 hours to write their first post and when it comes to writing their second post, they give up because they can’t justify the time. What I want to do is share a few things that I’ve learnt over my 15 years of blogging experience that will hopefully assist you in conquering that second post hurdle once and for all.

Blog about a Passion

The very first thing I tell anyone who wants to start blogging is that they need to blog about a passion. When you’re blogging about a passion the words should come quicker than if you’re blogging about something you continually have to research whilst writing the blog post. There is a list of other reasons as to why you should blog about what you’re passionate about, but they’re off topic, so if you want to hear more, leave us a comment below.

Blog where you’re Comfortable

If your favorite spot to relax and write is in your garden, then blog from your garden. If you enjoy writing when you’re in bed, then stay in bed and blog from there. If you’re limited to a computer and platforms such as WordPress overwhelm you, what with all the controls on the left and right of the writing screen, then write your posts in a text file and copy/paste them into WordPress when you’re done. If you’re confined to writing inside WordPress, then why not try using Writer Helper.

It’s Slow in the Beginning

When you start blogging, not many people are going to be reading your blog. It’s really important to realise this – you might think that your post is going to go out to the entire Internet and unfortunately it’s not as simple as that, so don’t spend hours and hours writing the post because only a handful of people are actually going to read it. Horrible reality, but it’s the honest truth. Remember, you can always go back to posts and fix them up or elaborate on them – in fact, for search engine optimization reasons, it’s actually a good thing to update posts. Once you’ve written a number of blog posts and your experience has grown, you’ll find it easier to write longer more detailed posts in less time, but in the beginning, just practice writing shorter posts to get them out there!

These are just 3 tips that I wanted to share, this is the sort of post that could go on and on for pages, but we don’t have all the time in the world, so I’ve kept it short and I’m more than happy to discuss tips and tricks in the comments, just leave a comment and I’ll reply 🙂 I hope this post helps a few of you!

This article is written by Chris. He is an multiple award winning technology blogger and search engine specialist in Cape Town, South Africa. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.