3 Things To Care If You Don’t Want To Lose Your Blog Readers

Blog ReadersBlog traffic is very hard to earn but very easy to lose.  If you don’t care about it then your blog traffic starts flowing out from your hands and you are not able to do anything except just watching it flowing away from you. So it’s better to get curious about your blog traffic before its start slipping away from our hands and invest some time to maintain and retain your blog traffic.

Because generating blog traffic is very hard task that we all know, but let me tell you maintaining and retaining your blog traffic is even hard task to do. While you able to find lots of helpful blogging articles on net regarding how you can increase your blog traffic but when it comes to maintain and retaining your blog traffic the number of information that available on internet or in blogosphere get very narrow that you hardly able to find a single one.

It doesn’t matters that how much traffic is your blog is receiving the thing that matters is how much visitors are keeps revisiting your blog to read your blogging articles and gets converted into repeated visitors. Because if the number of your blog repeats visitors are increasing that means that you are successfully maintain your blog readers and traffic. If you don’t manage your blog audience or your blog traffic than you have lost the battle.

All the efforts that you put in driving traffic to your blog is going to get completely waste if you are not able to manage the traffic that you driving on your blog.

One of the main matrix that will give you the impression of how fast you losing your blog readers are your blog bounce rate. Bounce rates tells you how fast visitors closed your site or blog after they landed on your site or blog. So if you want to retain and maintain your blog audience and traffic then you need some blogging help and I’m here to help you by telling 3 aspects that plays main role behind loosing traffic or blog readers to care about.

1. Your Blog Content

Why your readers visit on your blog?

Do you know the answer of above question? If yes! Then good, if no! Then let me tell you the simple answer of this stupid question “to read a mind refreshing and engaging content”.  If your blog don’t have engaging and informative content then you simple going to lose all your the traffic. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you drive to your blog all your efforts are going to get wasted. Because no one is going to stay with you after reading your boring content.

So if you want to maintain your blog audience then make sure that you play with your content to make it more engaging and interesting that your users likes to read it. What makes Copyblogger and problogger so much popular and differentiate them from other blog, it’s their content they provide really very astonishing content around whole blogosphere. So content is key to get and hold the visitors on your blog so makes sure that you always have this key in your hand.

2. You Blog Design

Sometime your blog design also acts like villain for you. Because it doesn’t matters how much better you write you blog content unless you showcase your content in very well and beautiful manner. If you just snoop around all popular blog you able to find that they have both the things in their both hand. In one hand they have some awesome content and in other they have a really awesome design for their blog.

EX: if you put a very high quality shirt in a low branded box then the price and value of that shirt automatically falls down. Same goes for you if you don’t show you content very well then there is no value for your content. Because no one going to read it by getting scared of your blog design, layout, fonts that you used. So if you want to hold your visitors in your hand then makes sure that you have a cool and sleek looking blog design for you.

3. Too much Links and Ads on Your Blog

The third villain behind losing your blog readers is external links and ads. It’s very simple and easy to understand that if you put too many links and ads on your blog then you are just giving a lots of window to get escape your readers from your blog. Because who know which links and ads attracts your blog readers while they are reading your blog post and they just skip the reading and visit the link or ad to know more about it.

So if you want to hold your visitors on your blog then you must get curious about the number of links and ads you show on your blog. Because they might act like exit gate for your blog readers.


That all I’ve to say in this post to retain your blog your blog visitors successfully now it’s your turn to share this piece of info with your social media network so that they can also take advantage of this article.

IMAGE CREDIT: John Fraissinet

This article has been written by Sarvesh. If you need some blogging help in writing blogging articles, generating traffic for your blog then do contact him.