The “Blog About Something You Love” Statement

When I first got into blogging, I used to read and watch a lot of tutorials for beginners trying to make their way through the online world. Every single one of them had the same basic rule that, unfortunately, I did not followed, at least not for my first online projects.

Wrong start

That rule, which I now consider the golden rule of blogging, is to blog about something you love. Blog about something you are passionate about and you have some experience with or at least you are willing to learn about on the way. Now, if you think about it, this is a common sense rule that is applicable to any field not only bogging. It’s like asking a kid: “what you want to be when you grow up?” I bet he will choose something he loves.

Anyhow, the problem was that I (as many beginners I suppose) wanted to make money online fast. That is why in stead of starting a blog about something I was passionate about I picked my topics based on the money I could get from those niches. Big mistake! I am not saying that I didn’t make any money using this technique, I did, but maintaining a website on a topic I was not really into is a really difficult task, at least or me it was.

Houston, we have a problem

So, after more that one year I ended up with a bunch of websites on various topics, producing me a certain amount of money. I had a really hard time writing content I didn’t even enjoyed reading, so imagine how I felt about writing it. Trying to promote my blogs in communities I didn’t have much in common with was even worse. The only thing keeping me going was the money I got every month from it. It was more like a job than a hobby. The good thing is that if make enough money out of it you can always outsource the work and focus on topics that you like.

After one year of struggling I bumped in to an old video tutorial I watched when I first started blogging and the blog about something you love statement had a new meaning for me now. I realized how shallow I was.

I guess this was another lesson I learned the hard way.


The conclusion is obvious: blog about something you love. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t start blogging just to make money. Start by share free content on your area of expertise with world, build your reputation, get returning visitors and after that think of ways to monetize that traffic. Act now.

This article is written by Cristian. He is an engineer by profession and a part time blogger living in Romania. You can catch him giving free blogging tips or tweeting @gloriousblogger.