5 Types Of Blogs You Should Not Start In 2013

stop blog typesBlogs are always wonderful for gaining readership, credibility and money at the same time. There is no one to force you to start a certain type of blog or limit your options. You can chose whatever you want to blog about because there are almost all kinds of readers in plenty out there connected via Internet. Hence, you should not worry about audience because if you do the things the right way, you will surely get visitors.

But, there are still some kind of blog or blog niches that are not good for you at any cost. They may seem to have bright future, but that’s just a misconception.

Such blog won’t last long and the only things that you will be given by that is harm, loss and sadness. Don’t even think about money. Here are few types of blogs you should never start.

1. Targeted to Some TV Shows

Some times, people like a show and become so much excited about it that they start Blogging about it and hoping to make some money as well. But, as the matter of fact, shows never last forever. On average, TV shows last for 3-10 months. You might be shaking your head at this point because you know there are shows that last for years. I know that too.

But, here is the thing. You start a blog about show and may succeed in attracting visitors and make some money too but what happens after show ends? YouTube and tons of similar sites are available where you can find almost any videos.

Then why will someone be interested in reading about the show when he can watch it? We have Flippa to buy all kinds of blogs and websites then why in the world will someone buy your blog that has no future? Not at all. I think now you get the point.

2. Targeted to Some Celebrity

Everyone loves celebrities right? That celebrity can be a singer, actor, dancer, sports man, or anything else. Everyone has his/her favorite, but some are just too emotional and serious about their favorites. They like him/her so much that decide to start a blog and try to cover each and every single thing that happens in that person’s life.

That really takes time and a lot of hard work to stay fully updated by someone’s life. But, hear me out for a sec, what if that actor quits acting? What if that sportsman retires? What if your favorites music band splits? What will you blog about then and most importantly, what will happen to your blog? Nothing. Nothing will come to your blog except one thing which, is Death.

3. Seasonal Blogs

Same disease that we discussed above results in start of seasonal blogs. Seasonal blogs means to blog about something or an event that lasts for a season and then disappears for whole year. Examples are Football World Cup and Cricket Leagues.

In season that blog would be rocking and getting handy traffic, but what when the season is gone? No visits, no activities and no money just like a stadium is after hosting a huge event and then waiting for the same event to happen again not knowing when.

4. News Blogs

If you want to start a news blog and maintain it alone, you had better thought thousand times before you do. In order to have a successful news blog, you need a team. A Big one. Where everyone has their duties like reporting, typing, editing, publishing, promotion and other things.

If you think you can do all these things alone and compete with huge news teams like CNN, then go ahead and start news blog, but if not, then spend some time on thinking and start a blog that can be there to help you forever or at least have a bright future.

5. Tips to Make Money Online

This has become a tradition. Anyone who starts blogging after realizing that they can make money from it is focused on money more than anything. Hence, there are high chances that he would step in to make money online niche. I strongly recommend you to not do this.

Particularly, if you are newbie. You can guide people into wrong direction and destroy their careers instead of making. There are hundreds of niches out there. Pick one that is not only interesting to you, but you have knowledge and passion for it as well.

I hope you that I helped you in this case. Now let the world know what you have in mind about it. If you want to add something in this post, you are welcome as well.