Forget Others, Blog for Yourself

Be YourselfIt may sound a bit greedy and selfish, but there are times that you literally have to forget everyone so you can be an effective blogger. This is not an original idea, though. I just feel writing about this one. You know. I just feel like being greedy and write what I really want to write. So here it is. Below are some reminders how to write totally for yourself.

Ostracize people

If you are always worried of your reputation, then just quit blogging. Blogs weren’t created to make people worry. It’s pretty automatic and understandable that once you get into blogging (especially business blogging), you are partially sacrificing both your online and personal reputation. However, if you feel that there is nothing wrong with what you are doing or with sharing what you feel, and then you do not have to be worried of anything. Just be yourself. Temporarily forget the thought of being read by your relatives, close friends, bosses, and even by the online superiors in your niche. Ignore them and write for yourself.

Do not be afraid to be controversial, be brave

If you’re afraid to write about the controversial occurrences in your niche, then expect readers to tag you as a boring blogger. If you’re frightened to do such things, then just be confined with writing boring and monotonous “How to’s” “ And 10 Most” articles on your blog.

Break rules, create your own

If you’ll follow all master blogger Darren Rowse’s advices then you will end up being like him, losing your identity and becoming like a copycat blogger. Besides, Rowse is not writing to shape bloggers into his image. He is writing for himself, too! Break rules, create your own and write freely. Forget about experts’ opinion and write what is in your heart.

Sometimes, you have to forget your niche, swerve a bit and rest

You’ll notice that even A-list bloggers Darren Rowse and Jeremy Shoemakers’ blogs are not entirely about blogging. There are times when they have to pause for a break and tackle about the mundanities of life. Sometimes, we see Rowse talking about photography and art, and Shoemaker jesting about his knee and dirty toilet.

Remember the marketing 101 motto

Write for everyone and you write for no one, write for yourself and you write for everyone. So writing for yourself isn’t about selfish blogging. You still have to find your niche, know your target audience, and what interest them most, but for you to do this with ease and efficiency, you still need to find your own writing technique in blogging. The most liberating part of blogging is when you write outside the constraints of rules and norms, when you write with your own voice and style.

And if you don’t feel like following the set of “personal things” I’ve written here, then ignore it and write for yourself!

This article is written by Warner Carter. He enjoys writing about SEO, Marketing, and Website Development.