5 Reasons Why You Should Not Outsource Blog Articles

Outsourcing PostsBlogging is not the same it used to be, it is now more a business than just a way to interact and share information with the world. Business giants have started to see the money that can be taken out of blogging and investments are floating in high numbers. These investments mainly goes into article outsourcing. They create blogs and get articles from a third party content writer to help it grow and get traffic from search engines. Is this fair to make blogging just a business? It is a wide open question that is underlying and in my opinion it should be no.

Anyways, I am not against outsourcing articles but it has its own limitations. In this article of mine, I will uncover five things which I feel make outsourcing a negative ploy.

1. You Don’t Have Complete Control

As a blogger who is looking to get his blog a name and fame on the web, needs to be sure of what he is putting up on his blog. When you outsource you some times become reluctant in checking the articles and post them as it is. Readers of your site may not like the way the outsourced articles are written up and many other such things will rise. You will never have control over your blog once you start to outsource articles.

2. Trust Issues May Rise Up

Consider an example scenario, you are going to a hospital specially to meet a doctor who is well known for curing some disease and you come to know that only some other doctor turns up these days, what will you do? You wont go their again because you don’t trust the hospital anymore with the specialist doctor’s absence. Same implies to your blog as well, people will definitely get to know while they read that it is not you who is writing those articles and it may be difficult for you to convince them back.

3. Getting Good Writers Is Difficult

These days getting good writers is very difficult because they either charge high or have their own blogs and business that they develop based on their talent. What are you left with? A bunch of other writers who are just going to write you an article for the sake of money and not by passion. Would you want that? I would not. If you think you have good writers under your belt then investing is not a bad ploy.

4. Money Expenditure

As I said before hiring content writers is costly and if you are depend on it then think twice before you decide to do that. Instead of outsourcing, if you are a good writer then why shouldn’t you write articles up? It will take an hour a day. Then probably using techniques to earn money from blogging you can earn even a better percentage of money. If you are just a business man, then you need to outsource articles for sure.

5. Successful Blogs Need Commanding Blogger

Have you seen any pro blog just outsource article? If you are not sure then do check blogs like Problogger, Quick Online Tips, HellBound Bloggers! They all spent time to write things down and gradually came to a position where people respect them for their work. Would you get that respect on outsourced articles? It is a question that you can answer on your own.

This article is written by Sandeeep Singh. He writes at NthBlogger on topics related to Blogging, WordPress and Social Media.