How To Get Free Social Intranet For Your Startup

Running a Startup? Then you must have known Bitrix24, a free social enterprise platform for small businesses. Bitrix is a company dedicated to exceptionally high standards and to the need among SMBs for advanced business communications platforms to bridge them with their customers (Internet), partners (Extranet) and employees (Intranet).

Bitrix24 is a new SaaS product based on Bitrix Intranet and features flexible collaboration modules, highly simplified deployment procedures, and advanced security mechanisms. Now here is a chance for you to get a free Social Intranet for your startup. Just fo the following steps.

  • First you have to create and name your own Bitrix24 social intranet. You can start it by registering a free account there
  • After creating your Bitrix24 account, add few details about you and your team in this form.
  • bitrix24 form

  • After reviewing your information they’ll confirm your startup status. Then they’ll switch your free subscription to a special 1-year startup license so that you can benefit from all the exciting tools and features of their service absolutely free of charge!

Why Bitrix24?

  • Set up your Social Intranet with a bult-in CRM in just 2 minutes for free.
  • Create and manage an unlimited number of projects.
  • Share files and discuss ideas with your colleagues and partners.

If you are running a startup, then you should check Bitrix24. Do tell us your views in the comments below.

Bitrix24’s Kindle Fire Giveaway [EXCLUSIVE]

kindle fire giveaway bitrix24Now here is an exclusive chance for you to own Amazon’s Kindle Fire ebook reader. The Kindle Fire is a mini tablet computer version of’s Kindle e-book reader. Bitrix24, a new SaaS (software as a service) cloud based social intranet platform, is hosting a giveaway on this and you could be the lucky winner.

How You Can Participate In It?

The rules for this giveaway/contest is really very simple. You can find them below.

1. Register at Bitrix24.

2. Send the following information to

  • Your Bitrix24 ID.
  • The feature you liked or used the most.
  • What you found difficult/disliked the most. However if you liked everything, don’t feel forced to come up with the problem.

3. Use ‘Bitrix24 Kindle Fire Giveway’ as your subject line.

Special Second Prize

A person who used his or her Bitrix24 account in the most unorthodox way will be receiving a special second prize Kindle Touch. Now how cool is that?

Exclusive Offer for Startups

If you are a Startup and willing to use one of Bitrix24 paid plans for free, you can send an e-mail to with ‘Bitrix24 Startup Initiative’ as the subject line.

You should include information about your startup and how you are planning to use Bitrix24 for your Business.

Remember, the contest ends on September 1, 2012.

So participate right now, and wait eagerly to win one. 🙂

Want Free CRM, Intranet And Task Manager?

Bitrix24 - sales funnelBitrix24 is a new SaaS (software as a service) cloud based social intranet platform that makes corporate intranet easily available to smaller companies. It does not take any time to deploy (everything is already installed and set up) and doesn’t cost anything if it’s used by companies with fewer than 12 employees.

At first, Bitrix24 looks like corporate Facebook – there is the wall or activity stream where different employees engage in discussions and vote by ‘liking’ ideas, documents or workgroups. There are also instant messenger and photogallery. This is where the similarities end.

Free CRM (Customer Relationship Module)

The first important Bitrix24 module is free CRM (customer relationship module) that comes with a database for clients and prospects that are easily sorted by events (phone call or meeting, for instance). Next comes the sales funnel that divides clients into easy-to-work-with groups – new prospects, first contact, requested quote, scheduled meeting, negotiations and sales, for example (the actual setup is customizable). Bitrix24 free CRM is designed for easy interactions with clients. For example, you can send an e-mail to a certain group as well as import/export any client information. You can also set Bitrix24 to automatically import ‘leads’ that are generated by any site into the CRM.

Document Management

The second important module is document management. This module allows storing, editing and collaborating on various documents with co-workers. The documents can be made private (visible to document owner only) or shared. Bitrix24 also tracks version history, making it possible to revert to older version of the document, if necessary. Importantly, you can map a single document library or all of your document libraries to a network drive on your local machine literally in 2 clicks using WebDav. That means that whether you use Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, you will be able to see the documents in the intranet locally through your file manager.

Bitrix24 - absence chart

Planning & Task/Project Management

Third and fourth are planning and task/project management modules. These include calendar, work reports, absentee charts, meeting scheduler, personalized to-do lists, time management tools, even Gantt charts for easy visualization of progress made on specific projects. The employees are split into workgroups and access rights are assigned to each individual. For example, the department head may see work reports of his subordinates only, while vice-president is able to view every work report made by any employee.

Because companies tend to outsource or hire outside contractors/freelancer Bitrix24 allows one to easily integrate those into workgroups and give non-employees access to corporate intranet with restricted rights specified as necessary. Also, for higher mobility, can be easily accessed via iPhone, iPad or any Android based device.

As mentioned, is free when used by 12 employees or fewer. can be used by unlimited numbers of workers for $99 a month. Unlike other similar services, doesn’t charge extra for each additional employee, since it is cloud based and ample storage is available. The premium version is priced at $199 a month.