HOW TO: Get Your Site Featured On Bing News

Bing NewsBing News (previously Live Search News) is a part of Microsoft’s Bing search engine. It is a search engine and aggregator specifically for news articles through a variety of trusted and credible internet news sources, including New York Times, Washington Post and Reuters (via Wikipedia).

Bing News is one of the popular News Aggregators owned by Microsoft and it gets good number of visitors everyday. Other popular News Aggregators include Yahoo! News, Google News, and Techmeme. All these sites have some option to submit your site, but Bing is quite different. Getting your site listed on Bing News is not an easy thing since they don’t provide a direct option to submit sites (as of now).

Getting Featured On Bing News [Simple Steps]

#1 – Though there is no direct option, Brett Yount (Ex-employee of Bing) from the Bing Webmaster Center said the way to be included in Bing News is a manual process. You just need to email and wait for their reply.

Suppose if you didn’t get a reply from them, Brett suggests this,

“There should be confirmation from the review team. If you did not get one, I suggest emailing them again.”

And you will probably get a reply like this from Bing,

“Please be assured that your submission is now noted and will be considered in a fair qualifying process.”

#2 – Submit your site to Bing, if you haven’t. Because first we want their web crawler, BingBot, to be familiar with our blogs URL and permalinks. Also recommended to submit to popular search engines.

#3 – Submit your Sitemap to Bing. Make use of Bing Webmaster Tools to improve your site’s SEO, submit your sites and XML-based Sitemaps to Bing

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Though Bing is not reaching new heights, it will soon be gaining market, so nothing wrong in getting your site featured there.