Create Audio Playlist From YouTube Videos

If you are a guy like me, you will use YouTube for listening, almost, any song. YouTube Feather mode helps to stream videos faster. But I rarely watch the videos, I just listen to the songs, so I don’t want the videos to be there. Now this service not only helps you to remove those videos, but also creates a playlist.

SongSprite, a collaborative playlist creator helps you here. It lets you create playlists by extracting audio from YouTube videos. This web service helps you to save bandwidth, avoids minimizing windows every time, stream faster on a slow connection and not to forget, create a playlist so that you can listen to your favorite songs in your desired order.

I made a list of popular YouTube videos and most disliked YouTube videos for trying this web app.

YouTube Audio Playlist

All you have to do is to grab the URL of your favorite YouTube video song, interview or speech. Go to SongSprite, paste the URL in the bar and click Add.

All these videos are added above their audio player. You can also drag and drop the videos to rearrange the order. You will find an unique URL below the player to share your playlist with your friends.

I believe this simple web app avoids you to download YouTube videos and you can save time. You can listen to YouTube videos as if they were just songs. Add as many tracks as you like, or invite friends to join you in building up a legendary playlist.