6 Worthy Mac’s Rescue Tips You Should Know

Many computer aficionados have encountered the most common problem on slow computers. It can be a lot frustrating and annoying to have slow computers. You will surely notice that it takes longer to open your file. If this is the case, then your computer has indeed got problems. Here are some helpful tips to enhance computer speed and achieve optimal performance on your Mac computers.

Mac Rescue Tips

#1 – Remove widgets – Too many widgets in the dashboard on your Mac computer can cause the slow performance on your Mac computer. It is because it can consume memory and can trigger slow computer.

#2 – Applications – There are many applications stored on your computer. You may have forgotten about these files. Applications that are not used and are not important should not be kept in the system. It is because these applications may contain huge files and may consume a lot of time to run these applications. That is why there is a need for you to remove these files and have them uninstalled. This is one way to free up disk space.

#3 – Unorganized desktop – An unorganized desktop can slow down computer performance. You must have to observe a clutter free desktop. To do this, remove icons that are not important. You must have to organize your files by placing them in a folder too. Having a clutter free desktop can achieve a clean and organize desktop.

#4 – Mailbox – There are messages in the mailbox that are not necessary to be kept. These messages should be deleted because it can greatly affect the performance on your computer. Checking the mailbox database will be a great help. To do this, you must have to open the terminal and enter the command [sqlite3 ~/Library/Mail/Envelope\ Index vacuum]. You may wish to eliminate these mails by deleting them.

#5 – Corrupted fonts – Check the font book on your computer to see if there are corrupted fonts. You must have to validate the fonts while the corrupted fonts should be eradicated from the system. To do this, from the menu bar, go to file and click validate font. The corrupted fonts will appear and you need to delete these fonts. After the removal, close the font book and you’re done.

#6 – Provide clean air passage – There must be proper maintenance on the air vents on your computer. If there is insufficient supply of air ventilation on your computer, it can cause overheating of the computer. Aside from this, your computer will also malfunction. To avoid this kind of scenario, you must have to maintain proper ventilation to avoid future overheating on the computer.

These tips will help you on your daily use on your Mac computer. Just remember these first aid tips and you will surely evade a slow performance on your computer.

This article is written by Ella Green. She writes articles about PC and Mac software. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.