5 Worthy AJAX Plugins To Enhance WordPress Comments

WordPress Ajax CommentsUsing Ajax on your WordPress blog will help your web pages to respond very quickly and smoothly to user input by loading only snippets of data instead of the entire page.

Let me explain the use of Ajax in another way. Consider two scenarios.

Without Using Ajax : When you are logging into the WordPress Admin, it requires a URL redirection and complete page load.

Using Ajax : Users can log into WordPress Admin with no redirection or page load.

In short, Ajax helps your blog to reduce its load time by avoiding unnecessary redirection. Below, I mentioned 5 useful top class Ajax plugins to enhance and improve your WordPress Blog Comments section.

#1 – AJAX Comment Page :

Divides your comments into pages which will be shown animatedly with AJAX and JQuery to help visitor read your comments and give better look on your pages.

It works just like PageNavi but on Comment so the visitor will read your post more comfortable than before.

#2 – Ajax Comment Preview :

Ajax Comment Preview allows visitors to your site can preview their comments with a click of a button.

Other preview plugins don’t know what sort of changes WordPress will make to a visitor’s comment, but this plugin uses AJAX and other buzzwords to send each previewed comment through WordPress’ inner voodoo.

#3 – iF AJAX Comments For WordPress :

AJAX enabled commenting based on the jQuery framework. This plugin will enable AJAX commenting in your WordPress blog.

This plugin will hook into the comments form and posts the user comment the AJAX way without reloading the whole page.

#4 – WP-Comment-Master :

An elegant and must-have comment plugin to better satisfy your visitors, it has two main features: AJAX comment posting and comment pagination.

WP-comment-master is developed mainly in jQuery to enhance the experience of commenting for your site visitors. Tt has two main features: AJAX comment posting and comment pagination.

#5 – AJAX Report Comments :

AJAX Report Comments is a simple yet powerful add-on for any WordPress blog, particularly larger blogs with a higher volume of user comments.

It provides blog visitors the ability to report an inappropriate comment to the blog’s moderator with a single click using AJAX and email.

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Have you tried any of these useful AJAX WordPress plugins? Do share your experience if so. 🙂

4 Best Pagination Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

Do you want to have better pagination controls in your WordPress blog? Take a look at the bottom of your blog, you should see 2 hyperlinks respectively “Previous posts” and “Next posts”. These 2 hyperlinks let you navigate to your neighboring posts but as you can see they are very much limited. It would be better if you can display a more user friendly and better looking navigation system. In addition to increasing the user experience, it will also increase the SEO of your pages by providing more links to your older content. Use the following WordPress plugins to do just that!

#1 – WP-PageNavi

WP-PageNavi is by far one of the best WordPress pagination plugin. It lets you replace the default previous/next navigation with an advanced, numbered paging navigation. The paging is user friendly as it allows the user to go to a page much more quickly by just clicking on a page number.

If you are adventurous, you can customize the pagination further by changing the CSS file that comes with the plugin. This will allow you to make the pagination match your blog’s theme.


#2 – WP-Paginate

WP-Paginate is a simple but flexible plugin which enhances a WordPress blog’s page navigation system. This plugin is easy to install and setup, and the default settings works just fine.


#3 – Paginator

Paginator is a very unique pagination plugin. The look is ultra awesome and it is such a fun experience scrolling through, instead of clicking through the pages!


#4 – Ajax Pagination (Twitter Style)

You should get this Ajax Pagination plugin if you are a Twitter fan. This plugin replaces WordPress default pagination behavior to the Twitter style using Ajax functionality. As soon as you click on the “Read more” button, the Ajax feature kicks and paging info is retrieved behind the scene. The user experience is great as the paging info seems to be loaded seamlessly.


There you are, the 4 Best WordPress Pagination Plugins based on my own experience setting up and customizing WordPress blogs. Of course, there are a few other pagination plugins available but I have yet to try them. Perhaps some of them has their own specific features and advantages. We might look into these plugins in a future article.

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Do share with us what is your favorite pagination plugin in the comment below.