How I Drive Traffic To My Blog Without Buying Ads

Since I started blogging, I have never invested my hard earned money on web web traffictraffic. What about you?

Well, I want to reveal some eye-popping methods I use daily to drive decent traffic to my site and blogs. Some of these methods bring in instant results, I mean within 12 hours, the traffic have already started rolling in.

Truth is, without the right traffic, you’re not going to make any money online. Period!

So, how do you make sure you get a handful of this traffic to your blog? That is what I’m about to reveal to you. But before then, do you know that there are thousands of buyers who are ready, willing and rich enough to buy your affiliate products, join your membership sites or even click on your adSense ads?

Absolutely, there are buyers online right now.

Some of the traffic methods I use include:

(1). Tutorials Submission


The moment I discovered how hot this traffic system is, I gave my entire strength to it and I have never failed. There are so many beginners who come online everyday looking for simple step by step guide on doing something. Unfortunately, experts who market their products online are so eager to sell that they neglect to provide tutorials – they are so busy to write a decent review for beginners.

That is where you come in. what niche are you in? if you can write an easy tutorial on how to do that “one” thing, you will drive free targeted traffic everyday. And most importantly, your blog or site would become a resource where beginners will find refuge.

Your tutorial doesn’t have to be lengthy, just simple and straight forward. For instance, if you’re into graphics, web design or SEO, you can write 7 steps to design a blog fast, how to design a web header etc.

Make sure you link back to your site for more information. You would be amazed by how much targeted traffic you drive to your site everyday. Go try it!

(2). Press Release Distribution

Do you use this? You’ve been missing so much on the web, if you have not been utilizing this powerful traffic source. I use it and can boldly tell you the strength and trail it can leave on your site. When you write a press release, you distribute it to press release sites; they will automatically post your content throughout their high trafficked sites. Guess what happens next?

Targeted traffic rushing to your site within 12 hours! However, when you write your press release, take note that you do it in the Third Party. i.e. don’t write as though you are the owner of the site, simply announce your product and people to check it out on the blog.

You can start your press release description like this:

Designing a web site has never been this simple. A new site is now launched with helpful resources for those who are eager to learn. You will discover that by merely following some few steps, your new site would be up and running within hours. Check out the site at: ‘your site here’

That is it for press release distribution.

I use these 2 traffic tips to get all the traffic I need to build my responsive list, sell my affiliate offers and build a brand as a credible blogger. Don’t just stop here, take action today and watch your web traffic stats skyrocket.

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This article is written by Michael Chibuzor. He often writes about SEO Tips, Promotional codes at coupon blogs that share OnSale electronics coupons, Drobo and Panda coupons.