4 Marketing Tips You Can Learn From Budweiser

Budweiser, known as the king of beers, has always had a very strong Marketing background and has thrived since 1876. They have been a success in almost every marketing strategy out there and continue to come out with new and innovative ways to grab new buyers and keep them drinking their beer. While the majority of us don’t have the financial means to market anywhere near as big as Budweiser does, there are lots of different things we can all take away from looking at how they advertise and connect with their customers. Let’s start by having you watch the commercial they had playing at the Superbowl where almost everyone in America was watching.

So, it might just be me, but that commercial brings tears to my eyes, and although not everyone might get emotional about it as I did, most consumers can personally connect with the commercial. If you scroll down, you will see the comments from thousands of people expressing their love for this commercial, and this particular video only has a little over 2.6 million hits. Now imagine everyone in America seeing this, Budweiser is loved.

budweiser marketing tips

1. Connect with your Consumers on a Personal Level

Every industry is going to have multiple companies that offer similar services, so why would everyone stay with just one company? Budweiser has shown us time and time again, that not only do they promote their beer, but they also try to connect with people and personally keep them attached to their company. While there are so many different ways to do this, each target demographic will prove to have their difficulties. Budweiser has so many campaigns that each target different demographics, and while you will most likely not have the means to do this, you can check and see what they do for your specific target.

2. Branding is Key

It is quite obvious that the Clydesdale commercial you previously watched didn’t have anything to do with beer, but grabbed the attention and love from the people who watched it. Although most people know that Budweiser offers beer, let’s just try and imagine someone who has never heard of Budweiser before and what they thought after that commercial. The title is called brotherhood, which just gives the general impression of love, care, and experiences between the trainer and the horse, then a Budweiser truck comes and picks the horse up, then three years later, the trainer and the horse are reunited, giving the commercial a highly emotional moment. So when the random person who’s never heard of Budweiser magically sees their beer for the first time, they will more than likely pick it over the other available options just because their thought of Budweiser is a good one.

This same principal can be used for almost any business. If you decide to promote your company instead of just the actual products or services you provide, people will be able to get a better first impression and are more likely to buy once they run into whatever it is you are providing. There are many ways to increase your companies brand without spending much money. With all of the social networking sites, video sharing sites, and other highly used websites, you can set up a campaign that will have people interested and buying your services in no time.

3. Target Specific Audiences within your Target Demographic

Although you might be targeting a specific gender, age group, or ethnic group, you can’t assume that they are all the same and will all enjoy the same content. Budweiser throws a massive amount of different content at different audiences because they know each audience will react differently. Use this same principal by trying to engage consumers about their own interests. While it might seem easier to throw just one video on YouTube and hope that everyone likes it, it is much more logical to make different content for different types of people within your target demographic.

4. Packaging Design Should be Well Thought Out

The way your potential customers see your products or services can be a major factor in whether or not they end up buying. If you look at the different ways Budweiser has wrapped their cans or bottles, you can notice massive differences as time goes on. While they continue to produce the classic look, they also have plenty of others that appeal to their consumers. For example, in 2011 they came out with a design that was red, white, and blue and had pictures of eagles with a classic cursive font. This was very successful for them just because when people looked at the beer, they got an image of a true American beer that has a vast history. They continue to come out with new and modern ways to present their beer, giving people other thoughts and ideas about why they should pick Budweiser over its competitors.

Although it might seem like a packaging design can only be used to actual physical products, you can also apply this to any electronic product or service as well. When people are on the internet, they are attracted to things with good designs, so even if they won’t receive a physical product, the design and the way you present your services will make all the difference. Having a bland looking design won’t grab the attention of your potential buyers and they might just end up using your competitor instead. Try new designs, see which ones work best and keep trying to appeal more to your market.

Budweiser has so many other lessons that can be learned from their marketing strategies, but hopefully these few will get you headed on the right path. It is almost impossible to be able to create the same effects as they do when your a small business owner, but implementing what they do into your own business can really help increase your businesses revenue, brand, and overall success. If you are looking for more marketing information that learned from Budweiser.