Some Essential Tips For Generating A Secure Password

The worst passwords to use online:

Hi friends, I have seen many people say what would be the safe password to use online.

Here are some of the worst passwords that can be used or in other words cakewalk for a hacker to steal your sensitive information and further reading gives the best passwords to choose from….

In recent study some the worst passwords to use online are as follows…

The most common passwords











Here are some of the types of passwords that will be picked up by our crackers:

Secure Passwords

  • Words in the dictionary.
  • Words in any dictionary.
  • Your user name.
  • Your real name.
  • Your spouse’s name.
  • Anyone’s name (crackers don’t necessarily know that your aunt’s middle name is Agnes, but it’s easy enough to get a list of 100,000 names and try each one).
  • Any word in any “cracking dictionary”. There are lists of words that crackers use to crack passwords : passwords that a lot of people use. Some of these lists include:

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Abbreviations, Asteroids, Biology, Cartoons, Character Patterns, Machine names, famous names, female names, Bible, male names, Movies, Myths-legends, Number Patterns, Short Phrases, Places, Science Fiction, Shakespeare, Songs, Sports, Surnames.

  • Any of the above, with a single character before or after it (“8dinner”, “happy1”).
  • Any of the above, capitalized (“cat” –> “Cat”)
  • Any of the above, reversed (“cat” –> “tac”), doubled (“cat” –> “catcat”) or mirrored (“cat” –> “cattac”).
  • We used to tell people that taking a word and substituting some characters (a 0 (zero) for an o, or a 1 for an l) made a good password. This is no longer the case. New crackers have the capability to crack things like this, in certain situations.
  • Words like “foobar”, “xyzzy” and “qwerty” are still just plain words. They are also popular passwords, and the crack programs look for them. Avoid them.

Now lets us see how to choose a secure password…

Check how secure your passwords are by using Microsoft’s password checker tool.

You can take advantage of the shift key; characters like & or % can be used in addition to numbers and capital letters. Mixing different types of characters will make your passwords more secure.
Try to ensure your password length is 8-14 characters.

Change your passwords on a regular basis – experts suggest every 30 days for painstaking effort for hackers to find your passwords.

If you have a bad memory and cannot remember even the simple of passwords, then create a passwords from your favorite poem or song, in that case choose a phrase rather than a single word.

Use a different user name and password for your online accounts – that way, if one is compromised you can be sure that others are still safe. At the very least, use different passwords for sensitive accounts such as your online banking.

So friends use these methods to be a safe online, cheers !!!

Keeping a secure password is one of the best ways to protect your WordPress Blog.