4 Out Of The Box Ideas To Get Traffic For Your Blogs

TrafficIn blogosphere every blogger is craving for traffic. They are always in search of some new ways or tactics that they can use to boost their blog traffic. And why not they search for new ways to build traffic, because they know that traffic is directly proportional to money. The more you have the traffic the more money you will make.

In blogosphere you will be able to find hundreds of tactics and places that you can use to build huge audience for your blog and today I’m going to increase the figures by adding my 4 out of the box ways to build traffic for your blog.

1. People Reads T-shirts More Then Books

Now a day’s everybody got addicted to read what’s written of everybody’s t-shirts. Even sometimes I can’t stop myself to read what’s written on the persons t-shirts. So I thought let’s take advantage of these new habits of everyone. All you need are some t-shirts with your blog logos printed on it with your blog tag line or some slogan.

Then simply distribute it within your friends circle and tell everyone to wear it at least for one day then see the magic and boost in your blog traffic.

2. Have Some Coding Skills

Do you have some coding skills? If your answer is yes then you have huge key in your hand that will open the door for you to boost your blog traffic.  You can use you coding skills to develop a theme or plugin for other bloggers to grab links from there blogs.

Not only that you can also make some revenue out of your theme and plugin by launching a premium version. So get both benefits in terms of traffic as well as in terms of money by using your little coding knowledge.

3. Biz Cards & Email Signature

Today even small business owner will have his own business card, so make sure you own a simple business card to boost your blog traffic offline. If you don’t have UPrinting Business Cards then you can take advantage of email signatures to boost your blog traffic. Because studies shows that millions of emails send out each seconds. I by myself send around 20 to 30 mails each day to contact my clients and friends. So emails signatures are one of best ways to gain exposure for your blog.

4. Tell-A-Friend Button

Make sure you have a tell-a-friend button on your blog so that your readers will be able to spread a word about your blog in their friend circle. Lots of bigwig bloggers are already using this button to maximize the amount of traffic on their blogs. So now it’s your turn to enable the tell-a-friend feature on your blog.

Do you use any other “out of the box” idea to generate awesome traffic to your blog? Kindly share them in the comments below.

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4 Missing Jigsaw Pieces Of Writing Better Author Bio Puzzle

Are you Blogger and Writer? If yes then writing lots of paragraph for your clients or for your blog is no big deal for you. Right! But when it comes to writing a single paragraph which consists 3 or 4 lines about yourself the whole situation turned out and you don’t have or get any word to write about who the hell You are, you got freezed up with nothing to say nothing to write situation.

You are not the only one who has difficulties with writing a few line about yourself there are lots of other bloggers and fiction writers exists, who suffers from the same situation like you… but you are blogger and writer you have to come up with few interesting words to explain yourself in a clear and attractive manner. I know it’s a very tough task to do. But you have to do it if you want to gain some good exposures for yourself.


Writing a better author bio is tough task but it can be lot easier if you get little help and ideas how to write a better author bio and then practice to write some author bios. And today I’m going to give you some tips and ideas that will help you to write a really astonishing and stand out author bio.

1. The Tone

Write your author bio in same tone that you use to write your blog posts and articles. If you write your content by adding a fun and enjoyment touch then make sure you also write your author bio by giving a fun and enjoyment touch. Like if you write about social media then make sure you mention social media in your author bio.

2. The Audience

Who is going to read your author bio?

Make sure you find out the answer of the above question. Because it will help you to write better bio about yourself, the bio that you use for one blog can be different that you use for other blog because of the audience.

3. Make It Interesting

Make your bio as much interesting you can by answering some normal questions that everybody asks like, what do you do, where do you live, your hobbies etc. If you have some interesting fact to share that relates ti what you do then use it, right away.

4. Make it short

Author bios are short by its nature. So there is no need to write a full page bio about yourself because no one is going to read it. Keep it short around 90 to 110 words and make it as much interesting you can make.

Your Turn

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3 Things To Do To lose Out All Blogging Stress

Blogging is great isn’t it? Except we have to deal with lots of stressful things like writing articles for blog, marketing our blog, managing our blog and lots of other things.

All this stressful things makes us to lose out our prime focus and makes our blogging work harder and harder. If you are in stress you can’t hold your pencil perfectly to write some effective lines for your blog post, you can’t find a proper tactic to market your blog. In stress you can do anything effectively and productively.

Egg Photography

So if you want to shine in blogging arena then the first thing that you have to do is getting rid of this stress thing. Because stress is productivity eater and eats out our productivity completely so we have to avoid stress anyhow.

So below I’m sharing my 3 tips to avoid the blogging stress and work more productively for your blog:

1.Watch Funny Videos And Movies

The best thing that you can do to reduce stress is by laughing. You can watch some funny videos on YouTube or Funny Movies on internet to let it out all your stress so that you can work more productively and effectively.

According to me laughter is best medicine for losing out all our blogging stress and you can lose it by watching funny videos, movies, pics, messages etc…

2. Reading Books

Reading books is one of my favorite hobbies. I read a lot and also write a lot, whenever I feel that my stress level is raising up then I just pickup any book from my bookshelf and start reading to divert my mind from stress and make it cool and productive again. So after sometime I can go back to my blogging work with freshness and complete my pending work.


The third place where I go to release all my blogging stress is Facebook. I just login into my profile and watch some funny videos, funny movies, pics , status updates shared by friends to decrease the level of my blogging stress  if still I’m unable to decrease it then I just start chatting with my friends and after certain period of time I completely forgot about my stress, and have a refreshed mind to work on.

I love Facebook it’s my stress buster.

So above are three tips that you can use to reduce your blogging stress level like by watching funny videos, chatting with friends, reading books etc. if you’ve your own way to lose out the stress then share it with us in below comment section….

Thanks for reading… I hope this post will help you out….

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This article is written by Sarvesh. He is the lead editor at funny-commercials.org and is passionated in the advertisement industry and about the viral effect of funny commercials.

3 Things To Care If You Don’t Want To Lose Your Blog Readers

Blog ReadersBlog traffic is very hard to earn but very easy to lose.  If you don’t care about it then your blog traffic starts flowing out from your hands and you are not able to do anything except just watching it flowing away from you. So it’s better to get curious about your blog traffic before its start slipping away from our hands and invest some time to maintain and retain your blog traffic.

Because generating blog traffic is very hard task that we all know, but let me tell you maintaining and retaining your blog traffic is even hard task to do. While you able to find lots of helpful blogging articles on net regarding how you can increase your blog traffic but when it comes to maintain and retaining your blog traffic the number of information that available on internet or in blogosphere get very narrow that you hardly able to find a single one.

It doesn’t matters that how much traffic is your blog is receiving the thing that matters is how much visitors are keeps revisiting your blog to read your blogging articles and gets converted into repeated visitors. Because if the number of your blog repeats visitors are increasing that means that you are successfully maintain your blog readers and traffic. If you don’t manage your blog audience or your blog traffic than you have lost the battle.

All the efforts that you put in driving traffic to your blog is going to get completely waste if you are not able to manage the traffic that you driving on your blog.

One of the main matrix that will give you the impression of how fast you losing your blog readers are your blog bounce rate. Bounce rates tells you how fast visitors closed your site or blog after they landed on your site or blog. So if you want to retain and maintain your blog audience and traffic then you need some blogging help and I’m here to help you by telling 3 aspects that plays main role behind loosing traffic or blog readers to care about.

1. Your Blog Content

Why your readers visit on your blog?

Do you know the answer of above question? If yes! Then good, if no! Then let me tell you the simple answer of this stupid question “to read a mind refreshing and engaging content”.  If your blog don’t have engaging and informative content then you simple going to lose all your the traffic. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you drive to your blog all your efforts are going to get wasted. Because no one is going to stay with you after reading your boring content.

So if you want to maintain your blog audience then make sure that you play with your content to make it more engaging and interesting that your users likes to read it. What makes Copyblogger and problogger so much popular and differentiate them from other blog, it’s their content they provide really very astonishing content around whole blogosphere. So content is key to get and hold the visitors on your blog so makes sure that you always have this key in your hand.

2. You Blog Design

Sometime your blog design also acts like villain for you. Because it doesn’t matters how much better you write you blog content unless you showcase your content in very well and beautiful manner. If you just snoop around all popular blog you able to find that they have both the things in their both hand. In one hand they have some awesome content and in other they have a really awesome design for their blog.

EX: if you put a very high quality shirt in a low branded box then the price and value of that shirt automatically falls down. Same goes for you if you don’t show you content very well then there is no value for your content. Because no one going to read it by getting scared of your blog design, layout, fonts that you used. So if you want to hold your visitors in your hand then makes sure that you have a cool and sleek looking blog design for you.

3. Too much Links and Ads on Your Blog

The third villain behind losing your blog readers is external links and ads. It’s very simple and easy to understand that if you put too many links and ads on your blog then you are just giving a lots of window to get escape your readers from your blog. Because who know which links and ads attracts your blog readers while they are reading your blog post and they just skip the reading and visit the link or ad to know more about it.

So if you want to hold your visitors on your blog then you must get curious about the number of links and ads you show on your blog. Because they might act like exit gate for your blog readers.


That all I’ve to say in this post to retain your blog your blog visitors successfully now it’s your turn to share this piece of info with your social media network so that they can also take advantage of this article.

IMAGE CREDIT: John Fraissinet

This article has been written by Sarvesh. If you need some blogging help in writing blogging articles, generating traffic for your blog then do contact him.

5 Content Writing Rules that You Must Follow

Content WritingDo you feel that you have a flair for writing?

Are you able to consistently write on different topics without any hesitations?

If the answers of these 2 questions are “Yes”, then I must say that you are a good writer. But you able to find lots of good writers like you who can paddle up their pen to write down their valuable thoughts in their daily diary.

Being a good writer doesn’t means that you can write a better web content. Because web content writing is different aspects and enrolls lots of factor to consider about then any other forms of writing.

Content writing for web is completely different from any other writings that are used in printing media. The most important factor that differentiates web content writing from other writing source is that people reads web content to find solution for their problem or for growing their knowledge tree more rapidly and widely. If your web content doesn’t fits in the readers requirement list they just easily going to shut your blog or site without doing anything on your site.

So you have to write web content in a very engaging and attractive manner that people will fall in love with your written words. So they are not easily able to press the back button of their browser. If you are blogger or content writer then you must know that in online world content is everything and how you write and present your content can change the whole game.

To be a successful blogger and web content writer we all need some blogging help and content writing help, and today I’m going to help you by telling you 5 insanely awesome content writing rule that will help you to write better web content and also give you a proper impression of web content writing style that you can follow to move on.

1. Write For Your Audience

Always think before you pick up your pen to start writing about your thoughts, that this thought (content) is related to my blog audience or they are going to like it or not. Because if your blog readers are not showing any interest on reading your written content then what’s the use of writing that contents.

So it’s better to have the impression about what types of content your blog reader’s wants and likes to read so you can craft your thoughts to write those types of content. If you don’t have any impression that what types of content your blog readers wants then there are lots of tactics that you can use to know what your blog reader wants like post poll.  Just showcase 5 titles of your upcoming blogging articles and ask which one they like to read first and most. This will help you to increase the user engagement on your blog as well as create suspense in your blog readers mind that what this blog post is going to contain.

So if you want to write better web content then the first Golden rule to follow is “Always Write For Your blog or Website audience (Readers)”

2. Keep it simple

People don’t have dictionary while they are reading your web content or your blog post so that they can easily find the meaning of all those complicated words that you have used in your content. Or no one likes to put their effort in searching or finding the meaning of your complicated written words.

People like to read uncomplicated and easy to understand web content. Because in online world people want all information quickly and easily. So if your content has some complication in it then just everybody going to bounce upon your content and visit next website to get the info. So it’s better to stick with simple words to tell the whole story or write your whole blogging article.

3. Stick A Pic

An image helps us to grab the attention of people and makes them to think why you used this image for this blog post or web content, and to know more they start reading your blogging article or web content.  By sticking a conceptual image to your content piece you can skyrocket the numbers of people reads your content. Like if you are writing content about how you can boost your blogging income then you must stick a picture like a person who is struggling for money and finally gets it.

You can check this : 40+ Websites For Copyright And Royalty Free Photos

4. Stuck With The Main Point

Whenever you pick up your pen to start writing any content you have a main point that you want to clear by your whole content like I’m writing this blog post to tell you how you can improve your web content writing by following this 5 simple rules.

Same like this you may be writing a content to tell how you can boost your blogging income or on any other topic. But in the end make sure that your whole content tells the same story that you wants to tell with your content because lots of time when writer starts writing on something else and ends on something else because so many reasons but the 2 main reasons are riding too much on off topic stories and less focused with your main point.  And you know what that this type of content in online world has its special place and the place is well known by the name of content dustbin. So make sure your words represent the main story that you want them to represent.

5. In The End Test Your Content Pie

According to me web content writers and bloggers must follow the one habit of food chef. They test their cooked food in the end to know how it tests and the customers are going to like it or not. So same like a food chef you also read your written content after it gets completed to know that how it tests and your readers are going to like it or not.

Reading your content by yourself also helps you to short out some small problems that impacts on your writing in bigger amount like spelling mistakes , uses of its and it’s, then and than etc… so it’s better to test your content by yourself to know how you write and what your writing style and how you can improve it…

So here I rest my case of telling you 5 insanely awesome web content writing rules that will help you to boost your writing skills. Now it’s your turn to share this post with your entire social media network, so all your fellow friends are able to take advantage of it. You can also try a new kind of content writing services on WebThePensters.


This article has been written by Sarvesh. If you need some blogging help in writing blogging articles, generating traffic for your blog then do contact him.