The Concept Of “NoFollow” Tag In Blogging

Concept of "No Follow"I think you are well aware about the term rel=”nofollow” tag. Almost all the bloggers have interacted and used this term. As we all know, this tag instructs the Search Engines not to follow a link and give no value. This tag does not pass any PageRank opportunity and Google link juice, but do you know what is the use of this tag and why this tag created?

Actually this tag was created to stop spamming, especially in online comments. Bloggers and other webmasters were facing problems with comment spamming. The spammers were getting the backlinks and bloggers were not seeing any improvement in their Search Engine Optimization and Pageranks. To cure this problem rel=”nofollow” tag created, but today bloggers and website owners are using this tag in those links which they don’t want to get followed by Search Engines like Google.

“NoFollow” tag provides a way to webmasters to instruct Search Engines not to follow a specific page or a specific link.

How Google Sees the “NoFollow” Tag?

Those links in which “NoFollow” tag has been applied won’t be followed by Google. Even Google does not transfer your PageRank and any other link juice towards these links. Using “NoFollow” tag doesn’t mean that Google will not index that page. It simply instructs the Google not to follow that specific link in which this tag has been applied. Well this is the case of Google. Other Search Engines handle “NoFollow” tag in other meanings.

Where Google recommends adding “NoFollow” tag?

  • Google recommends using “NoFollow” tag in the links which are not trust worthy. Linking to such risky web pages may¬†downgrade your PageRank and reputation on Google. If you have no way instead of adding that link then I will recommend you to add “NoFollow” tag in that link. See below and example to learn how to add “NoFollow” tag in any link –<a href = “” rel=”nofollow”>Example</a>¬†
  • To get success in link building some guys hire bloggers or other website owners to get the dofollow backlinks. Building links in this manner considered as a violation according to Google. Because sometimes these links include some inappropriate content or insecure content. In order to prevent paid links from influencing search results Google advises to embed “NoFollow” tag in those links.

These are some common concepts of “NoFollow” tag in Blogging. If I missed any point or I’m wrong at any point, let me know in comments.

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