How To Get Started on Twitter in 2013 – The Right Way

Twitter 2013 Right WayTwitter is one of the most popular Social Networks in the world, and they continue to grow everyday with tens of thousands of new members. For many people and Businesses without experience, getting started on Twitter can be a daunting challenge. You could follow some popular accounts, a few peers and a couple of your friends, and hope they follow back.

You could tweet something like “It’s 2013, and I’m just starting on Twitter! Follow the new guy and be astonished at my epic Twitter fails.” and hope at least a few people see it, laugh, and maybe even follow. You’re not here to read some awful Twitter failure story though – You want to SUCCEED, and that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you today!

The question now is, “How do I go from a nobody to a somebody, on Twitter?”.

First and foremost , there’s tweeting. You know, that little thing that you do with 140 characters on Twitter. Before anyone even wastes two seconds clicking that ‘Follow’ button, you have to convince them that you’re worth following – by tweeting.

Let’s Start Tweeting!

Cram as much quality content, useful information and awesome things that your followers would love, into 140 characters or less, and tweet it… often… but not too often. Don’t spam and don’t advertise – People hate that, and they’ll unfollow you before you can even blink.

Pay attention to what’s happening with your followers, brand, industry or just around Twitter; Stay up to date. Take the time to reply, @mention, #hastag, and react to things as they happen. This will help you stay up to date on Twitter, help you gain more exposure as people reply back, and mention you, and give your followers more and more reasons to keep following you. You can even add some multimedia to your tweets by posting relevant photos, videos, music, links and more – Everyone love some mix and variety in their timeline. Share your passion, tweet that funny picture that you just found, link to that article that just blew your mind a few minutes ago; chances are, some of your followers might enjoy your passion, they may find that picture funny too, or they could have their mind blown away from reading that article as well.

Tweeting isn’t an exact science, but these guidelines pretty much sum up what it means to tweet well and keep your followers happy. Twitter also offers a pretty awesome guide on how to get started here. Go ahead and bookmark that page, but keep on reading this article (aka The “Holy Grail” of Twitter Guides).

So, now that you’ve started tweeting like a pro, you should also look like one too. Getting more Twitter Followers can sometimes be tricky, but here are a few techniques to boost your following effectively.

  • You have a Facebook Account? Of course you do. Share it with your friends or fans on Facebook, and let them know you have a Twitter Account. Statistically speaking, more half of your friends or fans should be on Twitter as well.
  • You have a website!? That’s perfect! Add a Twitter link, icon or even a widget on your website. Most of your website visitors or customers want to be taken advantage of, so do it! Let them know that you’ll keep them up to date with new products, promotions, discounts, news, funny pictures, or whatever you’re into.
  • You have an email list?!  Well… aren’t you Mr. Perfect. You should add a link to your Twitter Account to the bottom of every email you send. That lets your subscribers know you actually have a Twitter account (Surprise!), and lets them know where they can find you. You can always had a little incentive as well, which I’ll get into later.
  • You own a Store?! Why didn’t you tell me sooner?!  If you’re trying to get started with a Company Twitter account, then simply print out a “Follow Us on Twitter” Vinyl Decal with your Twitter Username and a convenient QR (Quick Response) code.  Stick it to your front door,  next to a cash register or even in the bathroom, and watch as your everyday customers now become your followers on Twitter.
  • You drive a CAR?!  You’ve got to be kidding! Throw a bumper sticker on that bad boy with your Twitter Username, and a big ol’ sign that screams “Follow Me”. I mean, it should work. People Tweet and Drive all the time…  PSA: Drive Safe – Don’t Text Tweet and Drive.
  • You’re a nudist?! Well…. tough luck. But if you don’t enjoy walking around naked in public, then you most likely wear clothes. Use that to your advantage! Wear a custom “Follow Me on Twitter” T-Shirt and rock it out like you just don’t care. and CafePress both have nice collections of custom Twitter Shirts to select from.
  • You have a Business Card? Great! Once you run out, you should order new ones with your Twitter Handle (@YourUsername) alongside your email and phone number. This way, you can help peers and business contacts stay connected with you through Twitter.

Those are just a few fun ways of getting more attention and followers to your Twitter Account, by taking advantage of the things you’re already doing on a daily basis. Now, here is when it starts getting interesting.

Advertising and Promoting your Twitter Account online is another way of getting more Twitter Followers, and fast. Twitter now offers an Advertising Service to help get you more exposure to both your account and your tweets, right on Twitter. While this is a great approach, it can be costly and without a proper established credibility, it could be pretty ineffective when you first start off. Here are a few alternative approaches to advertising your Twitter Account, before jumping onto the Twitter Ads.

Buy Twitter Followers. Wait… what? Yes, you heard right. Buying Twitter Followers can be a very effective strategy if approached correctly and moderately. Purchasing a few hundred to a few thousand followers is perfectly reasonable, and while it won’t get you the followers you really need, it will give your Twitter Account the allure of popularity and strengthen your social credibility. This will make your advertising and marketing campaigns much more effective, and essentially help convey prospective followers that you’re actually worth following. However, these type of services are a little controversial; some people see it as unethical while others praise it for being so fast. You can use these services, but remember that moderation is key.

Sponsored Tweets is another creative approach to gaining exposure and followers, and is very similar to Sponsored mentions. has over 50,000 tweeters, from celebrities to regular Twitter users, ready to tweet your custom message to their followers, for a fee. You can search and find Twitter users in your exact target market (the ones that have the followers you want) and have them recommend to follow you. This method is great and can be very effective, but I can only recommend it if you have a high budget or are running a business Twitter account.

Blogging could be one of your pastimes, and it can also be your ticket to getting more Twitter Followers. If you blog regularly, whether on your personal blog, or a big company blog, you can easily take advantage of the thousands of people reading your article by simply mentioning your Twitter account in your “Author Biography”. I know when I’m reading a really good article, I always want to know more about the author and sometimes I’ll even want to stay connected – something I’m sure many people do. Now, by having a convenient link to your Twitter accounts in your biography, your readers will be able to easily find your Twitter account and follow if they want. Even if you don’t blog yet, it’s never too late to start blogging (or guest blogging) about topics that interest you. You’ll start gaining that online exposure and recognition that won’t just help you grow your Twitter Following, but also help you in so many other avenues.

Building your following, whether for your business or personal account, isn’t done overnight. It takes hard work, persistence and determination to become a success with anything, including Twitter. Don’t try to do everything at once and within a week. Take your time, tweet regularly and try some of the suggestions I mentioned. Remember, Rome wasn’t build in a day and neither will your loyal following.

Tweet well, my friends.