Mozilla Firefox 4 Should Be Set For Release Any Day Now

Firefox 4January 25, Firefox officially released beta 10 of its upcoming web browser. Although it’s already been delayed by a fair while, this beta should be removing most of the bugs and code errors that they’ve been trying to clear since the previous beta’s –  meaning that the new Firefox 4 should be released to the public any day now.

In case you haven’t heard about what’s been going on behind Mozilla for the past while, Firefox 4 is taking a huge step up from its previous 3.6 version. Sporting heaps of new features and developments which has been described as being the next step for Mozilla towards taking over the browser market.

Firefox 4 brings Mozilla to Mozilla 2

The new features that have been developed into Firefox 4 have been described as what will take Mozilla towards version 2. A re-invented browser interface, this new and upcoming version of Firefox integrates the features that were planned out in previous versions but not completely added. So now we are going to have an amazing web browser that is jam packed with features to improve your online experience. Here’s a closer look at them now.

Some of the major features of Firefox 4:

A re-designed browser interface:

The new Firefox interface brings the tab bare to above the navigation pane. Just like in chrome and opera, Firefox now shares a similar interface. This version also takes advantage of Windows Aero to make things just that little bit better.

Hardware acceleration:

Now taking full advantage of hardware acceleration. Firefox 4 will make use of hardware elements such as the GPU to deliver a much faster and responsive web experience. Html 5 support and the likes are all included.

Crash protection:

This new version of Firefox will support crash protection, meaning that separate functions such as adobe flash and Microsoft Silverlight will not bring your browser down if they stop functioning.

A few of the reasons to get ready:

I haven’t seen a major update from Mozilla in a long time so this is something that I’m certainly looking forward too. I’m not a chrome fan and I think that Firefox offers many more features and customizations than any of the other browsers do offer. This update is certainly not one you should miss.

This guest article is written by Peter, a 15 year old blogger from Australia and the owner behind ideas bubble. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.

5 Simple Steps To An Original Blog Design

People visit your blog, and when they arrive – “I’ve seen that design before.” It commonly happens. You don’t master an impressive design that stands out from the rest. In truth though, it can be the design that defines the very thing you are fighting for in the blogosphere; so don’t just throw it away. Here are 5 steps that you can use to create something that does stand out from the rest. Lets create that original blog design.

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Web Design#1 – Remove the color blue : Blue is the most commonly used color on the whole internet. When you start using the color blue, you’ve already created something that is similar to everything else. To create a design that is original and unique, make sure to find color combination that are irregular, but go well with each other; such as, don’t simply make your whole design black, combine it with other colors.

#2 – Combine elements of fixed and fluid layouts : The key to create an original design is in the layout itself. This is really a choice of preference – some people like to have fixed widths, others like to have them fluid. If you want to create something original though, why not try combining both fixed and fluid layouts together, you’ll pull something impressive and original if you do this.

As an example, you could try having the header of your design fluid and then making the rest of the design fluid. You could make a featured part that is fluid and the rest that is fixed. There is so much that you can do to create a unique design; just come up with a kick-ass layout.

#3 – Use gradients over flat colors : Sidebar title background; the perfect example of where people like to put just flat colors. This is just damn boring; if you want to go for something original and impressive, spice it up a bit.

Use images or gradients behind navigation bars, sidebars or headers, this will add a lot more excitement to your pages over just using flat colors – which look dull and boring.

#4 – Add a personal touch : The professional way to show that something is truly yours. Rub your face right into it and make sure that every single element of it has got your own personal touch.

Litter your face all over your blogs banner. This will show that it’s truly unique – everything is about you! Something that people cannot copy.

#5 – Originality is in the redesigns: Yes, you heard right. In certain elements, redesigning in itself is a sign of originality. People will always be impressed if every single time you update your design, it is something new, that in itself is original.

Conclusion : Go for a design that is original. People will be able to recognize that it’s your website that their visiting and not someone else’s when they arrive. Your design is what basically defines who you are and who you are trying to be, don’t let it be just like everyone else’s that’s been made; be prepared to stand out and create something amazing!

This guest article is written by Peter, a 15 year old blogger from Australia and the owner behind ideas bubble. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.