How to Know If Your Blog Is Producing Quality Content or Not?

Quality contentYou might have heard that – Content is King. So you may ask yourself a question- What this king looks like? We often hear that we should be writing Quality content instead of focusing on Quantity because Google loves Quality not Quantity. I always heard this during the starting days of my Blogging journey and believe me I was like – What the hell is quality content? This happens with most of the newbies; i.e. they can’t determine the quality of the content.

But why should we bother about the quality of our content?

The answer is simple – Because people love it + Google loves it.

So writing quality content gives you loyal readers as well as high SERPs. That’s why it becomes necessary to determine the quality of our content.

So, How to check the quality of our content?

Well, there is no such tool to check the quality of your blog content but you can get an idea about your content. Below are some measures which give you an idea about the Quality of your content.

1. Your Google Analytics Account

Google has the solution to every problem. It has some great tools for bloggers to increase their Productivity like Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. So why not make use of them? You can track the user behavior on your site with Google Analytics. You just have to put a piece of code on your blog and it starts tracking every single visit and the behavior of your readers. So, how to exploit the features of Google Analytics fully? Use the following parameters to know more about user behavior on your site and to determine – whether your blog is producing quality content or not?

Page Views: Track the number of page views on your site. If it is increasing, then chances are that you are writing quality content. But this is not a perfect measure of quality content. But yes it is a major factor to determine the quality of a blog.

Bounce Rate: Keep track of bounce rate of your blog. Bounce rate is the measure of readers who visit only 1 page of your site and then they bounce, so your bounce rate should be low. If it is high then you are doing something wrong and readers are not satisfied with your articles. So what should be the ideal value of bounce rate?

Well, there may be several possible answers to this question but I say “There is no such value”. Instead, try to reduce it every day and compare it with the previous results. If it is decreasing then users are engaged with your content and they are happy with you.

Avg. Time Spent On Site: You should keep track of the avg. time spent on your site. Again there is no ideal value as some niche attracts more reader’s attention like photography blogs can have more avg. time and tech blogs have less avg. time but compare it with the previous results and it should be increasing.

2. Number of Blog Comments

How comments can help in determining the quality of your blog content? Well, this is really easy. People start commenting on your blog if you do some good job on a topic. If you are getting more real comments on your blog then chances are that you are good at writing.

But remember most of the people comment just for the sake of backlinks so how to filter out your loyal readers? Well, if your comments are being converted into a discussion and readers are coming back to reply the comments then you are writing quality content.

3. Number of Real Subscribers

Real subscribers are another measure of quality content. More number of subscribers means your blog has inspired many peoples and they want to follow you. But remember some people subscribe to your blog just for guest posting and spamming so don’t consider those subscribers. You can easily find the real subscribers by taking a look at their email IDs. If they are from Gmail, yahoo and Hotmail then 90% chances are that they are real but if they are having email IDs like, example@pl and other email IDs like, then they are spammers or guest posters and they are not interested in your content (there may be some exceptions).

4. Getting Trackbacks and Pingbacks from Good Blogs

This is another sign to determine the quality of content you have written. If people are linking to your content automatically, then you are writing quality content on your blog. But getting trackbacks and pingbacks from Spam sites doesn’t mean people are linking to you. Check all the links you get trackbacks from and if the blog is a good blog then only consider those links as good links.

Here, automatic means people are linking to you automatically without asking for any favor like money and link exchange. That is because they want to give you credit for whatever you have written, so they are inspired by you.

5. People Asking for Suggestions and Help

If people are following you on Social Media and you get too many mails like: “Please, Take a look at my blog and give some suggestions”. Then you have inspired a lot of people and this is another sign that you are writing quality content on your blog.

So it seems that there are various measures to determine the quality of your content. So what must be the actual measurement because some of these criteria may not be fulfilled by a blog? Well, if your blog has all these qualities then – Your blog is producing quality content.

But if it fails to satisfy some conditions then you need to work more upon your content because every good blog has all these qualities.