The 5 Hot Internet Marketing Trends For 2013

Internet Marketing Trends 2013Every year in Marketing things change. It’s designed to keep up with the changes in the marketing world and for users to see something different to keep up sales. The changes in marketing for 2013 are ones that should be implemented as soon as possible to reap the benefits.

Here are the changes in marketing trends for 2013:

1. Website Design Improvements

Changing the design of your website is very time consuming, but it does give you a boost in sales. People don’t really like changes, so, it’s best to keep the same structure, but make a design that readers will like. Adding new videos, ads, and banners will perk up attention to them and bring in more clicks.


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2. Every Picture Tells a Story

Use more images that tell a story on your website. An image puts a visual representation of what you’re trying to sell. You can use infographics to tell a story of how your product will help your readers. If you pay attention to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, you’ll see when to add more images to your site. They lead the way to the visual look. Learn Why You Should Have Images On Your Blog Posts.

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3. Convert To the New Web Languages

Changing your site to HTML5 and CSS3 are the biggest changes you’ll make this year. The new web languages will perk up your site without adding any bulk. That is, it lets you include images base on CSS3, so your website loads faster. Using image slows down the load into a browser. Using the new HTML5 helps keep the load light, plus, you can do add more visuals to your website using the new web language.

4. Go With the Gusto of Mobile

Create a mobile site! Mobile is growing faster than most can keep up with, especially in marketing. They are scrambling to create ads that are easy to send to mobile users. Plus, the market of mobile users is over 500 million and rising. It’s expected to hit the billion user mark this year. Channel your business to your mobile audience to reap the benefits of how mobile can and will increase your business.

5. Videos Are the Boss

There are over 5 million videos that are watched online every day. You can’t beat that for bringing traffic to your website. Plus, video watchers share the links with their friend in the social sphere. Video are one of the best ways to communicate with your target market.

Of all the marketing trends working their way into the mainstream, videos and mobile are the biggest. However, any of the changes to your website can help bring in more traffic and more profits from your readers.