3 Easy Tips For Getting Common Blog Post Ideas

blog post ideasOnce you start Blogging about a topic of interest, you are bound to face a writer’s block. Since it is everybody’s dream to become a niche blogger, you are tempted to write something without giving impetus to quality and standards. Today we will discuss about blog ideas for writers who are into blogging about a niche and face problems of the above order.

Most of the time the ideas we get are of intuitive nature, based on which you proceed further to gather more information. One Key Blog Post Idea is enough which can go viral on social networking circles and can bring you lots of revenue. But once you develop a flair for blogging you can easily develop these blog ideas into a plan. Execute this plan with a purpose and soon you will reap benefits which will give motivation for your passion.

So let’s see some blog ideas helpful for writers when they face a writer’s block.

1. Readers as Thinkers

This is one of the most effective ways of producing great content. You need not think. Your Readers will think for you. Your readers are constants searching the web for answers and when they find relevant information on your blog, they will be more than happy to provide ideas.

But, how can your esteemed readers can give you blog ideas? For example, you can create a poll either on your blog or Social Media page asking readers for their feedback on a particular topic of your blog niche.

Based on the answers given, you can write a detailed blog post on the topic which majority of the readers are interested.

2. Comments as Blog Ideas

The second way is my personal favorite. If you have over 100+ blog posts and over 1000+ page views on a daily basis, this can bring you the required ideas. The above statistics show that your blog is popular.  So your 1000+ audience would like to leave a comment on your blog post if they like your writing style and information.

Reading and Replying to those comments can create a discussion which soon can become a blog idea for your newer post.

3. Google Analytics

Everybody into blogging over than a year, are definite to find this FREE tool very useful. Analytics is a tool from Google which gives reports on traffic usage, keywords, content, demographic and what not. There are also advanced options like advanced segments, custom reporting, advertising reports etc. You can analyze keyword traffic using Google Analytics.

So coming to getting ideas from Analytics, you can use Traffic Sources > Sources > Search > Organic ideas as a major start. This will give a list of keywords for which you can know the traffic, landing page etc. By knowing the most popular keywords, you can use that keyword as the next major blog post. Just don’t stop there! Continue and research on that keyword using Google Adwords Keyword tool to get some more ideas.

Google Analytics Keyword

If you are a WordPress user there is a simpler way of getting the above data. There is a plugin which can get you blog ideas. Just like your Analytics and Adwords tool, this plugin is one such weapon, which can create a viral post. I always use this plugin data to write some of my new posts and they soon become popular almost all the times.

Well, you are asking what that plugin is. It’s called SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2.

I am using this plugin on my self-hosted WordPress blog. I’m not sure whether it’s available for other CMS like Joomla, Drupal etc. This plugin actually catches all those terms which your users typed into search engine like Google and display below your blog post. This is good for On Page SEO if you go by the default settings.

Popular Search Keywords

Using those search terms you can get more blogging ideas for your next article.

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Hmm. The list doesn’t end here. There are some more blog ideas for writers if you are interested in writing unique and quality content. I’ll detail some of those in coming articles. Blog ideas new and fresh are important for writers who want to keep abreast of competition. If you are one of those quality content writers, please comment on the ways you derive your ideas and resist the writer’s block.