Maximize The Potential Of Your Blog With 3 Easy Tricks

Literally anyone out there can sign up for a blog these days, so how do you set yourself apart from the masses? A blog can serve a number of purposes, especially if you are hoping to increase your traffic as an online business. In fact, if you have a standard e-commerce website, it is to your advantage to create an additional blog, which will help you to rank for a number of keywords more easily, and it will also add more pages to your website that are easily indexed by Google. Win-win!

Still, once you have created your blog for your company, you may be wondering where to go from there. Instead of twiddling your thumbs and hoping the blog will take care of itself, here are some top tricks to maximize your blog and get noticed:


  • #1 – Guest Blog : If you are a blogger, you must take the opportunity to guest blog. (You can also try HBB)This can be done in one of two ways. First, you can offer your content to other bloggers within your niche, who will publish it for you with a link going back to your website. This process is highly beneficial to further ranking your website because links from other valuable blogs will give you authority in the eyes of Google. Even better, if you give a guest blog post to a blog that has a large reader base like this blog, those readers will be prone to check out your website if you are in a related niche, and you may gain more readers and traffic as a bonus. Otherwise, you can choose to exchange guest blogs with another blogger in your niche, which will provide the same benefit as above because that blog’s reader base will be likely to visit your blog to read the new guest blog post. You should also look on services like for finding guest bloggers. If you have solid and informative content on your blog, these same readers may come back again and again or even subscribe to your RSS feed!

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  • #2 – Stimulate Conversation : If you want to get more people involved in your blog, you must stimulate reader conversation! This starts by creating provocative and controversial posts – negative or positive – that people will be likely to comment on to start a conversation. It is also helpful to ask questions and respond to any comments that are made so people know you are listening. Additionally, one of the best ways to stimulate conversation on your blog is by using plug-ins like Keyword Luv and Comment Luv. As a warning, these plug-ins will attract serious spam that you will have to filter out, but they will also reward your readers for participating in conversation. Keyword Luv allows commenters to include their targeted keywords as a Do Follow link in the comment box, which will only be published if they provide a relevant and informative comment. Comment Luv serves the same purpose by fetching the feed from the commenter’s website when they leave a comment to bring up their last blog post title, which will be displayed below their comment on your blog. This will again reward a reader for providing something relevant to a blog conversation by subtly promoting their own blog at the same time.

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  • #3 – Social Media : As an online business, it is imperative that you have social media profiles on a number of different websites, with Facebook and Twitter being the bare minimum. The benefit to using social media profiles when it comes to your blog is that you can synchronize social media with your blog so that each new blog you post will be simultaneously updated to your Twitter and Facebook followers. If it is an interesting post, they will be likely to circulate it to their followers, and so on and so on and so on. Brilliant!

These best blogging tips are just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, yet you may feel overwhelmed embarking on this task all alone. Luckily, you don’t have to because many of the menial blogging tasks can be outsourced to your virtual assistant, like monitoring comments, adding plug-ins, and managing the design and layout of your blog. This will leave you the time to focus on the more important tasks at hand of writing stellar content, making connections with other guest bloggers, and even hiring new writers and co-authors for your blog so that it becomes a legitimate resource in your online niche market. The truth is that quality cannot be overlooked when it comes to blogging, and the effort you put into your blog will be worthwhile by drawing even more traffic to your company’s website!

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So how are you going to maximize the potential of your blog? Please share it in the comments!