3 Off-Page SEO Techniques Killed By Google Panda

Google PandaEverybody knows that Google Panda has rolled out, of-course it increased the user’s experience but literally messed up those search ranking manipulators. I also tried these things in March-April and these techniques was working very well, like One can easily rank any keyword in just 15-20 days with those tactics. But, now scenario has changed, Google has advanced its algorithm and slapped those grey practices for artificial link building. So.. which were those link building techniques? I am pointing out those techniques and explaining below. have a happy read!

1. DoFollow Blog Commenting

Dofollow blog comments was one of the easiest and most popular techniques to build backlinks in those days. If some one is smart enough to understand how Google respond to those dofollow backlinks discovery than It was quite easy to rank well. The only thing mattered was Daily Link Building number, Consistency and Strategies for Anchor Text (Targeted Keyword variants. If someone come up with proper mix of this variables than It was very easy to rank. But Now Google, started to see the place from which the link is coming ! So those all dofollow comments are messed up because Google can see that link is coming below 50% of the full-page means it likely in comments or footer. Even link from sidebar is also carry less weight than before. So Bad Time!!

2. Link Exchange

Link Exchange was another good way to rank high on search engines. Because when you exchange link on homepage with any website, It will create hundreds of backlink from that website (Link on). So, If you are good at Anchor text Metrics than your site is likely to perform well in search engine ranking. But Again those links used to be in Sidebar or Footer, so Google has caught this techniques also.

3. Indirect Layer [Sort of Link Wheel]

It was another practice of Indirect layer when we used to create some blogs pointing to the main website and other blogs in that layer. And we used to create hundreds of backlinks to those blogs which are in indirect layer and ultimately those blogs passes link juice to main site. So our main site didn’t look spammy in Google Eye, but Again this strategy is Busted!!

Note: All those website created from these techniques are performing well now also, the only thing required in that case is visitors engagement. Like If you ranked for such website, where it’s bounce rate is low and page view per visits is high then Google Panda is effected positively to those sites. But, If you will use those techniques now on new site then you are wasting your time.

So these are some manipulative techniques which are dead now! If you are having something which really working after 15th october then come up with it and Comment Below! Thanks.

This article is written by Mihir Naik. He is a whole day internet surfer and blogging is his hobbie. He is blogging on India Price Buzz, a website which provides information about latest products launch and it’s Price in India. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.