If You Don’t Blog Now, You Will Hate Yourself Later

Everyone of us haveĀ something that we need to share with the world. A Blog provides you a platform to communicate your thoughts to the world. It lets you express yourself.

If You Don't Blog Now

If You Don’t Blog Now, You Might Regret Later.

A lot of you might be thinking, that you don’t feel any desire to write a blog now. So let me tell you the things that you will get jealous about, if you don’t blog now, you might hate yourself later.

1. Fame: You will not be as famous as Him.

Bloggers are famous people on the internet. They get their fame not only due to writing mere articles. The reason for their tremendous fame is that they have written articles that have solved problems of their loyal readers. They have helped them in making their life a little easier, and in return for their hard work they get appreciated.

You won’t find a normal, decent look person getting a lot of Facebook Profile pic likes, but you would see a lot of bloggers (who don’t even look human) getting a lot of likes. šŸ˜€ ((NO Offence))

2. Money: He will be earning a lot more money than you.

Every one of us wants to become a millionaire. No one wants to be poor, but the irony is that still a lot of us don’t get it that entrepreneurship is the only short way to achieve this. You would get stuck into the rat race and chase money, but money would always run away from you. On the other hand your blogger friend would be making his way to success.

Money might not matter to all of you, but money is the entity that you must have to buy your loved ones the precious gifts they deserve.

3. Power: He would influence people.

How often does it happen when you tell someone to do something, and they actually do it?

A successful blogger will answer this as OFTEN whereas you might answer this as NEVER. To get what you want in life, you often need to influence people with the thoughts you have on different subjects. As you don’t always get what you want. But an influential person can successfully change the way people perspective on things. Blogging will help you gain the power of influencing people and molding your life the way you want it to be.

4. Skills: He would have Skills that would be the need of the market.

How many people do you find around you whoĀ have a good personality and good communication skills?

How many of the people that came out from the first answer are tech savvy?

Bloggers are the people who fit into the answer set of both these questions. With blogging you would learn about the latest trends in the market. You will get to learn various skills that are needed in the market, and you would eventually increase your skill set. Internet is an evolving world and blogger evolve with it. This is exactly what we can derive from Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and Survival of the fittest.

5. Followers: He would have followers way more than you.

When we were children, we always wanted to become like our leaders. Leaders who leaded millions of people to do what they thought was right. But that always remained a dream.

With Blogging, you can finally achieve that childhood dream of yours. You can have millions of people visiting your blog just to read your views on topics you are passionate about. With blogging, your voice can finally reach millions of hearts all around the world. Isn’t it what you have always wanted?

You might be all pumped up by now. But let me clear a few thing first. This is NOTĀ a get rich quick scheme. Blogging needs a lot of patience and disciple. So after reading this, only if you are really interested into blogging and not scared of all the hard work that you would need to do, Blogging is the way of life that you should choose.

I hope you liked my article. Do share with me your perspective on Blogging in the comments section.

5 Things Every Blogger Should Learn From Iron Man

Iron Man and BloggingI think most of you have are familiar with the “awesome” Iron Man. Iron Man, a fictional character of the comic books who has some cool traits from which every blogger should inspire from. Now, I am not going to tell you to make a high-tech suit for yourself or to stop believing in GOD. I would just say that you should learn from the brighter side of him. So let’s start the process of making you an IRON MAN in the blogosphere.

1. Have a Heart like him.

By this, I don’t mean that you start scratching up your chest and add a magnet there. But you definitely  need to be strong at the heart to survive in the Blogging world. If you have started up your blog with a hope that you would become a billionaire in the new few days, then you are wrong, and you should either focus on buying a lottery ticket for yourself.

2. Be a Leader.

Have you guys seen the movie Avengers? He displayed awesome leadership qualities in this film. Even when the nuclear missile headed for the city, he did not lose hope and changed the direction of the nuclear missile with his very hands. Even you can change the direction of the problems that are headed for your blogs. You are the one who needs to protect your blog from attacks such as click bombing, hacking, spam comments, etc. You also need to manage all the Guest bloggers on your blog and lead your blog to success.

3. Helpful Attitude.

You have to be like Iron Man, the superhero when it comes to helping people. If some of the fellow bloggers are asking you a query on any of the social networking websites. You need to answer their questions. You would get the benefit of higher traffic when they reciprocate the love my spreading the word about your blog.

4. Consistent Smart Work.

Even Iron Man was not able to make his awesome suit in a day. Then how can you expect to make your blog awesome in a couple of days? Also, working hard is not sufficient to make your blog rank top in the search engine rankings. You need to do smart work (i.e. Search Engine Optimization, Keywork Rereach, Link building) consistently to rank among the top blogs. There is a lot of competition out there, so you need to devote  to your blog.

5. Build Relations.

By this, I don’t mean that you folks try to make new girl friends/boy friends for yourself. I just mean to say that as Iron Man had relations with the top secret organizations like S.H.I.E.L.D, you also need to build relationships with top bloggers in your niche. You need to do some guest posting on their blogs to get backlinks. You need to learn and share the information you have about blogging with them. And when you follow this trait, you would grow as a blogger.

Last but not the least. Have FUN!!

These are all the traits that you need to learn from IRON MAN; you need to inspire from him. And then you would also be a Super Hero Like him in the blogosphere. And if you have some of your Super Heroes who inspired you in some way or the other, do share your views in the comments section below.