5 Essential Elements Of Good Logo Design Explained

A logo is one of the most important constituents of a business’s identity. The logo communicates to your business contacts and clients through business cards, stationary, website, invoices, receipts, packaging and other marketing materials.

The logo should look professional and convey the significance of the business properly. Above all, the logo should be designed to ensure the customers will remember it. It is important because the logo conveys a very significant message about your business to the customers and everyone else. People tend to perceive different things about your business with your logo.

Elements Of Good Logo Design Explained

Essential Elements Of Good Logo Design Explained


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To ensure that the customers remember your logo, you need to incorporate certain aspects to it which are described below.

1. Meaning

A successful business logo should have a meaning. Look at your logo and see if it carries the message to the customer. If you are starting real estate business, try adding an image of a house or a building to reflect the nature and scope of your business. Customers try to extract the information from a logo to know what the business is all about and remember it.

2. Color

Choosing the right color is somewhat critical. Color attracts the customer’s eye and can deliver the message very easily, thus enabling them to remember it. For example, using red color in the logo indicates intensity or energy. Contrarily, blue color gives a very soothing effect and has a calming influence, while purple adds royalty to the logo. Color such as brown and white are not easy to track the message of the logo and have lesser chances to be remembered by the customers.

3. Representation

The most successful logos in the world carry very simple and refined images. You must remember that your logo will be used at different places with variations to sizes. Think of how it will look on the website, receipts, envelopes, large shopping bags, etc. Logo size usually contributes a lot towards gaining the customer attention. The best logo should be able to represent your business regardless of size; it should do well even with a thumbnail size. The more intricate the logo is, the lesser the chance to catch the customer’s eye.

4. Design Contrast

A considerate logo should have a high impact or contrast. A brightly colored logo against a light or white colored background immediately catches the customer’s eye and retains it in the mind successfully.

5. Life of the Logo

A logo should be timeless to enable the customers to remember it forever. It should cater to the changes according to time and requirements. While designing the logo you should keep in mind that it should be able to exist in the customer’s mind after 10 or 20 years and maybe forever.


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Logos around the world have drastically influenced the financial portfolios of huge businesses. If you look at the most successful brands, they have established themselves through a simple and diminutive logo. Simple and plain looking logos preserve for longer in the minds of the customers only in a matter of seconds.

5 Essential Ways To Improve B2B Customer Retention

Business customers are few in number so one should do their best to hold on to them. Each and every one of them is so valuable that you cannot afford to lose them. The best way hand on to them is to keep them active. This means that you keep in touch with them regularly, giving them service updates and regular checks in order to find out whether your previous dealings with them are proving good for them or not and what could be done to improve.

How To Improve B2B Customer Retention?

Improve B2B Customer Retention

There are several ways to improve your customer retention. A lot of different marketing strategies have come up, but they all are not effective. The top five ways to improve business retention are given below.


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1. Meeting Customer Expectations

This is the most important factor in improving your customer retention. You should meet all the promises you made when you sealed the deal with the client. This will create trust between you and your customer and will make it simpler for you to get more orders from this particular client. He/she if satisfied with your work could recommend you to their colleagues and other business industries.

Your products should meet the demand in the market, like the quality of the product, the features, and the services that come with them should be included in the package.

2. Customer Service & Satisfaction

Customer service and satisfaction are a clearly worthy objective when you talk about customer retention. Again this is a trust building exercise but can turn out to be a very difficult one. If your customer is a bitter person he/she will make your life a living hell and you will have to cope with them no matter what the situation is. Studies show that efficient customer services do pay off in the long term and help in customer retention. Customers who faced problems which were resolved efficiently are more likely to come back to you than those who never faced a problem at all.

3. Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs often include special discounts or extra perks, along with special services and privileges. Some companies offer travel rewards based on the volume of purchases. These rewards are highly appreciated by employees, making this strategy a highly effective and desirable one. As many businesses forbid their employees to accept more than a token amount of value, these services are much appreciated by them. The more they purchase, the higher the rewards they get.

4. Newsletters

Newsletters help keep organizations aware and up to the date on your products and services. This helps them become aware of your competitive marketing strategies and how you are better than your competitors. It also tells them what special offers and discounts you are offering and to what extent they can benefit from them.

5. Unique Selling Proposition

Be creative when marketing yourself; a unique selling proposition (USP) might be the boost you wanted. A unique selling proposition not only helps strengthen your existing customer relationships but also attracts new ones. This makes your client realize that you are worth continuing services with.


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