HOW TO: Never Run Out Of Topics For Blogging

Blogs these days are more than just an online journal. It’s become part of the mainstream media that some bloggers have become known as figures of authority. Keeping a blog isn’t easy. Thinking of topics to write about isn’t always a walk in the park either. What happens when your well of ideas starts to run dry?

Back when blogging was first starting out, it wasn’t hard to think of topics. Competition wasn’t fierce, and many blogged for themselves only. After all, not everyone had a blog and not everyone knew how to capitalize on the various opportunities there were in blogging. However, in this day and age, keeping your blog interesting and fresh is one of the keys to making sure your readers come back.

Keep Your Audience’s Attention

Content is king, as they say, and it is the key to keeping your audience hooked. Keep in mind that there are several factors that will make people come back to your blog.

First, write regularly. While it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to write every day, it does mean that you have to have a new post every so often. This keeps you audience captivated. If your blog has no new material, people’s interest will wane.

Blog Topics

Second, keep your topics interesting. Does your blog have a theme or a niche that you cater to? Is your topic relevant to your blog? Is it relevant to your readers? Blogging nowadays isn’t just for the writer. You, as the writer, will have to take into consideration what your readers want to see and read about.

Third, interact with your readers. Reply to their comments, answer their email or Tweets. Readers will appreciate it that you do take time to read and understand what they said and will help you gain more followers.

Ideas, Ideas, and Ideas

Thinking of topics to write about is both easy and hard. Most of the time, we use our experiences for ideas, but sometimes, that can dry up. Here are some suggestions you can take that will ensure you’ll always have a topic to write about.

Read. Don’t stop reading. Read newspapers, books, magazines, blogs, text books, encyclopedias… whatever you can get your hands on. You’ll be surprised at the ideas that will come flowing. You won’t be copying, nor will you be stealing other people’s ideas. Rather, you can use what you read as a jumping point for things you can write about.

Present another point of view. So you’ve read something that you’d like to write about, but you’re worried that it may sound like the same thing. Writing about the same topic in your own point of view gives it a fresh perspective. Say your opinion, present facts or data that are relevant but weren’t given before. Much like the stories you read, topics can be rehashed often. It’s how it’s presented that makes the different.

Be observant. Wherever you go, keep your eye open for interesting things. Visit your favorite hangouts and see if there’s anything new you can write about.

Explore. Going to new places is always a fodder for something to write about. Say it’s your first time to visit Asia and you know your blog readers will be interested. Talk about the place. Talk about the people and culture. Talk about the food. That one visit will definitely give you plenty of things to talk about.

Take notes. Many writers bring along logo pens and some papers so they can jot their thoughts down while on the go. These days, people have smartphones and apps that can act as a digital notepad. Take advantage of these and take time to write down even the most random thought. Who knows? It just might end up being the next thing you write about.

Ask a question. Sometimes, you don’t have to write long posts in order to engage your audience. By asking a question, you entice them to participate in the discussion. You can start by posting a question, giving a bit of explanation and let them answer. Don’t forget to reply!

Take a break from your daily routine. Sometimes, inspiration doesn’t come because your mind’s in auto pilot mode. Try doing something new to spark your imagination. Stop going to the same cafe for lunch. Take a different route on the way home from work. Strike up a conversation with a stranger.

While it’s not an easy task to keep your blog continuously going, there are always ways to help you come up with topics to write about. Bottomline, don’t forget to have fun when your write. It helps keep the tone of your blog positive, lively and engaging. Happy blogging!

This article is written by Cathy Reyes. She is a part of the team that manages Personal Loan Finder, a complimentary loan comparison service.