5 Ways You Can Get Fresh Content Inspiration

Fresh Content InspirationThere are a lot of standard places that people go to for inspiration for blog topics – the news and blog hubs like Technorati, just to name a few. But there are a lot of other places to go for fresh blog ideas that are perhaps…unexpected.

1. Images

Yes, you heard right. Images. As they say, “a picture is worth 1,000 words.” Well, if you’re stuck, a thousand words is a thousand more than you’re currently writing. Browsing through dozens of images may seem boring (and it can get very boring), but more often than not, it’s quite entertaining, and whats to say you won’t find a photo that perfectly encapsulates what you’re trying to say and jumpstarts your article? Plus, there are a lot of really amusingly bad stock photos that are sure to give you a laugh. Infographics are always worth a look, too.

2. Photography

I make a discernible difference between “images” and “photography” because images can be anything from clip art to stock photos, whereas photography is usually done for a specific reason with a specific intent and feeling. (I’m an amateur photographer.) Modeling shoots, landscapes…and surprisingly, wedding photography, are what I usually gravitate to. Oftentimes these are best to generate the overall feel and tone of your post, not necessarily subject matter.

3. Social Media

What are people saying on the interwebz? What is trending on Twitter? This is always a great place to go to get bombarded with information – and probably find a great kernel of interest or a spark that will start your blog post on an interesting path. People tend to have some really interesting one-liners in the 140 character world of Twitter.

4. Get Out!

A change of scenery can’t be underestimated when it comes to both finding inspiration and releasing writer’s block. Maybe you’ll overhear an argument or come across a really interesting person – and just getting up and walking around helps. Take some time to garden, read a book for an hour or so. Take some time to let yourself breath and relax in a new landscape, and usually you’ll find that when you get back to your blog, writing will be a walk in the park.

5. Ask!

Hand in hand with getting out there and changing your scenery, ask someone else – “What should I write about today?” Finding an outside opinion can be illuminating – be that in the real world, or virtually on Twitter or Facebook. People are unique, and somebody else’s opinion and viewpoint will usually be at least slightly different than yours.

As with everything, there are always new and interesting avenues for your content – these are just a few ideas for those of you that are stuck behind writer’s block. Best of luck!