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Simple Tips To Maximize Your Earnings With HostGator Affiliate Program


Tired of using Google AdSense or similar services on your blog as the only source of revenue and still not satisfied with the income it is generating for you? However, I do not promote blogging for money, but if you are religiously spending quite a lot of your time maintaining a blog, you definitely deserve rewards. While generating income from a blog should always be the secondary step for any blogger, the first one should always be to receive a decent traffic and critical response on your blog. In this article I will be specifically talking about the HostGator Affiliate program and simple tips to maximize your earnings using it.


One reason why I am particularly talking about HostGator’s Affiliate Program is that even if you are not a HostGator customer, you can still sign-up for their affiliate program here and instantly display banners on your website along with promotional codes that will help you earn decent revenue.

# Select a high CTR zone for banners:


Do you see the top right HostGator banner on HBB, next to the blog header? Well, that is probably one of the most targeted zones on this blog. Select a specific region on your blog which you think will not be missed by readers. Make sure you do not fill your blog which banners and other advertisement units, or else there are chances that readers on your blog will become ‘ad blind’.

# Create coupon codes:

Once you sign-up with the HostGator affiliate program, you can easily create coupon codes for your account. Coupon codes are usually alpha-numeric discount vouchers using which, your readers can get a discount upto 25% on any purchase from HostGator US. Unfortunately, this service is currently in-active for HostGator India.

# Promote coupon codes via social networks:

If you are a regular reader of HBB, I am sure you would be aware of the power of social media and the wonders it can perform for your blog or website. Once your coupon codes are active, you can easily promote them on your Facebook fan page. Believe me, there are hundreds of people wanting to start a new blog or website. For them, discount coupon codes can be attracting.

# Offer free services if you can:

This is an optional step, i.e you don’t really need to follow this up if you don’t want to. For the customers using your coupon code to sign-up, you can offer services like free WordPress installation. The word ‘free’ attracts people from all fields and thus, you leave no reason for people to not to sign-up for HostGator web-hosting using your coupon codes.

These are some simple steps which can boost up your affiliate sales earning instantly. Please feel free to let me know your comments or doubts via the comments section below.


Founder of GeekSyrup, Sidhant writes about the latest in the world of blogging, SEO, gadget reviews, security tips, reviews, news and more. Read more about him here »

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    • Rahul Kumar Jain

      Hello, admin I use your technique for earning great money from Hostgator affiliate program, but failed, please help me to how i earn more money from this program.

    • Rahul Yadav

      Thanks for letting me know.
      Getting commision through affiliate is a bit tough.
      But when you get it’s tooo much.

    • David

      HI Sidhant

      I don’t think that anybody should promote HostGator because they don’t deserve any kind of affiliate promotion.

      I am facing the Worst issue with Hostgator affiliate system.

      On Black Friday 2015, I made around 6-8 Hostgator sales and Hostgator made all of them invalid and only 3 sales were remain active for commission.

      Now In my HostGator affiliate panel, It showing that the commission for those 3 sales were sent on 10th Feb, 2016 but It is 16th and I still not received a single penny from HostGator in my PayPal account.

      They are really sucks.

    • Ajay kumar

      hello, admin I have made 21,000 bucks from Hostgator affiliate program India, and want to try something new, if you know about any other affiliate program which give great commission rate then please mention on my comment reply…

    • Smartblogger

      Thanks for these helpful tips. But how to promote our hostgator affiliate links and what kind of SEO we can do for this?

    • Sandeep Kumar

      Hi Sidhant…..
      Nice Tips bro…..I like the bottom one – give free services.
      It definitely work.

    • bilal@cheapdesignerhandbags


    • TheShadow@Mobile Themes World

      Thanks for these tips.i have a doubt how can i create account for other customers .and sign up with my referral link and coupon code.do i have to get the money in prepaid and sign up using my bank account and then transfer to the customer or do i have to create account on customers name with my bank account?

    • learningnews24

      what a tips that really helpfull for my website to increase my earning

    • Usman

      Well i agree choosing a high CTR place in the blog for placing Hostgator affiliate program ads is one of the best ways to maximize hostgator affiliate earnings

    • Harry Sehgal

      Nice Tips. Thanks for Sharing.

    • Kavya Hari

      Create coupon code are usually discount voucher on here. There are simple steps to earn money in it.

    • Jasmine

      HostGator is a great web hosting company, and it's a good idea to promote their services. I like your tips, GeekSyrup.

      • geeksyrup

        I appreciate that you like the content. These were few tips I have been following, and to be frank, I made 2 affiliate sales within the first month of the launch of my blog following these tips religiously.

    • Mark @ Organic SEO Services


      Thanks for the reminder with respect to the coupon codes.

      With respect to conversions, the best way I have found to get people to sign up using your affiliate link is to set up their website for them as a service if they buy through your affiliate link.

      WordPress, Joomla and Drupal make this a snap using the Fantastico installer…;)


      • geeksyrup

        I have worked on this simple tip. I have been providing WordPress installations to those who used my codes. I can get a record of them from my HostGator Affiliates dashboard. So far, doing this has had wonderful results.

    • sumanth

      Hey bro u have provided nice tips..i have a doubt..If every one who has signed up for hostgator affiliate service can get 25% free coupons why cant the person who want to buy signup for an accnt and use his own coupon.. ??? why wil he use our coupon code??

      • Jasmine

        Affiliates are not supposed to sign up for web hosting account using his own coupon code. HostGator checks and they will find out. So, don't sign up using your own coupon code.

      • geeksyrup

        As Jasmine said, HostGator Affiliates have got a strong tracking system. They will catch you anytime and probably ban your account for obvious violations.

    • Praveen @ Geeks4share

      Nice post! I think using plugins like hello bar or attention bar too helps. It worked for me 😉

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