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See How Popular Sites Looked When They Launched


How cool it could be, if you could actually see how Google, Yahoo! and other amazing websites used to look, when they just got started. All you would see is raw, web-page layouts, with no actual sense of CSS or JavaScript. Yes, that’s right. What we see today is a much advanced form of web-development, and this wasn’t the case about 15-20 years back when the Internet revolution picked up across the world. Wayback Time Machine is one such tool that takes you back in time, and lets you view exactly how a website used to look in its early days.


This is not all. You can actually see how the website transformed over the years, since Wayback Time Machine is an archive of websites, cached over the years and included in their official database, accessible to anyone. Surprisingly, you would be able to access almost all websites though this tool, but you won’t be able to view archives for Facebook, may be due to their privacy issues which weren’t really that strong in their early days. So here we go, starting with none other than our beloved HBB!

HellBound Bloggers [ March 5 ‘2009]


This is probably the first raw design, Pradeep started with in his early days. Well, I am not really sure if this was the first one or not, but this is the first impression of HBB on Wayback Time Machine.

Google [January 17 ‘1999]


The search engine giant wasn’t really the one sporting powerful CSS, JavaScript and not to forget the amazing Doodles. Google was in its BETA stages, way back in 1999.

Yahoo! [July 3 ‘1997]


And here’s Yahoo! in its early years, with a raw design and layout. Seems like the early impressions are not really in good quality in the Wayback Time Machine database, and hence we can see broken images in the picture above.

You can access any website using Wayback Time Machine easily. Try it out yourself and let us know your experience via the comments section below.


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    • Rahul

      Cool.Good to see the popular site virgin look…
      Increase the list plz..

    • Gaurang Joshi

      Awwww Google & Yahoo were really awful.

    • Maddy

      haha,, all looks like some kind of free blogs. 😛

    • Jasmine

      Have you tried checking how HBB looked when it was first launched? Haha… try it on Wayback Time Machine! 🙂

    • Ankit

      Transformation !!! From “0” To The Best !!!!

    • CricketNNS

      I’ve actually been using this for a long time since it’s in the alexa extension for Google Chrome, it is very useful. Shows the change of Google, from unattractive to simple and elegant. Thanks for this post!!:)

    • Khaja moin

      I see this for all popular website!
      When I feel bored! 

    • Nizam

      Wow! This is really awesome tool. It’s interesting to know how was the sites when they were first launched and how they transformed over the years.  Thanks Sidhant for this wonderful info 🙂

      • Jasmine

        It’s amazing, isn’t it? Look how Yahoo looked back then, it was so simple and plain. Now, Yahoo’s website is full of content, from search engine to news and games and horoscopes!
        I wonder if there is a prediction tool on what a website will look like in the future? Wahahahaha 🙂

    • Bharat

      Yes, this is a great tool and its a fun for me watching how popular websites look earlier.

    • Rahul Kashyap

      cool amazing site bro thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Aditi Datta

      Hey Sidhant,
      I really find your post too interesting to read. Actually, I didn’t know this before and I was truly thinking something the opposite. I couldn’t even match what Yahoo and Google looks nowadays and what was it when it was launched for the first time. Completely different scenario!!

      Thanks for the important update. 

    • Sam@Goa resorts

      From my opinion it’s depend on you how you are launching your site for get good response in this competition era and no doubt in that there are many good options are available to make your site more attractive.

    • prasad

      Nice article, Every website gets a  nice look when their design updated.

    • Aliakbar Fakhri

      WOW Really NIce…
      It was good to See the Google and yahho some 12 Years Ago.
      How graphics and Technology has changed it!!
      This will help many webmaster Who Buys sites so they can check the Before look of a Popular SIte

    • JamesW

      Wow, such a emotional post, I remember the hellbound look from the 2009, and yahoo looked ugly lol.
      This is truly unique post, thanks for sharing  

    • Saad

      I do this all the time look at awesome sites when they were first launched 😛

    • Raheem Khan

      Haha nice list dude Look at Google it looks like I am going good cause I also have bad design on my blog 🙂

    • SahL

      Many more can be added, facebook, techcrunch, mashable , TNW 🙂

    • Avi Jit

      It’s really a great way to see how sites looked years ago. Using this we can also check a site which we want to buy now. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Steve @ 2012 Taxes

      Love the wayback machine. I use it to get content for domains that I purchase that have expired when I rebuild the home pages so Google doesn’t drop the PR. Similar with Weebly sites.

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