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Betting On A Blog: Problems With Blogging About Gambling


On a list of high revenue affiliate niches, gambling is in a respectable spot. After all, gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry with many competitors on the market, and millions of potential customers seeking for the right place to play their favorite games. Gambling is an existing phenomenon with a global reach, an important question for legislators as well as religious groups, and it’s actively discussed on many levels. Gambling is a huge niche, with many branches – from software development to sports prediction – to cover. There are, in turn, many traps on the way to success when you cover such a controversial subject.

Problems With Blogging About Gambling

When you generate your revenues from affiliate marketing – and most gambling-related publications do – it’s hard to remain impartial. After all, your interest is to convince as many of your visitors as you can to buy from the company that pays your bills. When it comes to gambling, being dishonest in order to convince your audience to gamble at a certain casino can be a trap that’s often hard to avoid. But even if you can, your audience might not believe it.

When you publish the affiliate link for the All Slots Casino, for example, any article about how great it is to play at All Slots may sound false to your readers – even if it’s an honest review. This is valid for any other niche, not just gambling. Any brand that gets mentioned in a blog post, no matter if it’s All Slots, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz or Tinder, you will be accused of getting paid for said mention.

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Blog Addictive

One way to avoid constantly being accused of writing for money alone is to clearly mark whether a link is an affiliate one or not. Another would be to always be equidistant: always present both the upside and the downside, the positive and the negative part, the good and the bad. Most gambling-related websites (I wouldn’t call them blogs) only focus on the positive side of games, bonuses, and specials, giving away their sole intention: making money.

To be able to honestly report on the state of the gambling industry, you must be passionate about the topic. If your sole purpose is moneymaking, your readers will realize it, and won’t become returning / loyal ones – the most important kind of long-term success. Instead, they will file your blog under “gambling affiliate/spammer” category, and you’ll have long-term trouble getting out of it.

It’s not easy to build a reputable, reliable, and appreciated gambling blog. There are only a few, covering mostly the business part of the industry.


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