Online Presence For Mobile Conversion

Preparing Your Brand’s Online Presence For Mobile Conversion

Following a year which saw mobile browsing overtake desktop web use, it is more important than ever to ensure every facet of your brand’s online presence is optimised for mobile activity. From your brand’s website to social media to direct contact – here we offer a few tips to ensure you’re mobile-friendly and ready for 2015.

Brand’s Online Presence For Mobile Conversion

Online Presence For Mobile Conversion

Responsive Design

A responsive web design can help ensure the user experience is consistently high, regardless of the browsing medium. An intelligently designed responsive website will prioritise the important features of the website and ensure they are present across all platforms. Lower priority features of a website may be omitted from browsing on platforms with smaller screens.

The call to action or conversion feature must be prominent across all platforms. If the target of the website is to encourage visitors to phone for a quote, incorporate a one-touch call option so visitors to the site can immediately call without needing to write down a number.

Optimised Customer Journey

Particularly pertinent for e-commerce websites reliant on converting visitors into customers – a quick and efficient customer journey can be the difference between losing and making a sale. Reducing the number of steps of the customer journey can help create a simpler and more pleasurable shopping experience.

If you require customers to fill in a number of fields, include as many of these on a single page as possible, so visitors do not have to wait for pages to load multiple times. Where possible, negate the necessity for member login – allowing visitors to buy products as a guest. Extra pages and forgotten passwords can often serve to frustrate and irritate customers.

Attractive SEO

Search engine optimisation has been one of the major forms of online marketing for brands over the past 15 years, with companies understanding the benefits of ranking highly in Google and other search engines. These benefits are transferable to mobile browsing but certain techniques need to be tweaked. Smaller smartphones on the market may not be able to support the full descriptions (Meta Information) of Google results, making it important that the headline and present text is clear, concise, informative and true.

Nadia Latif, content marketing manager at Banc Media, explains: “Meta information is a valuable conversion tool across all platforms. It’s a device to capture the attention of potential customers, so it is important to ensure your message is portrayed to capture attention and convert leads.”

Mobile Friendly Social Media

The mobile web is twice as social as desktop, making it important to implement a mobile-friendly social media strategy used to generate interest, build the brand and drive sales. Automatic updates and notification alerts can help social media activity act as de facto cold-calling without the disruptive overtones.

The use of unique and interesting mobile-friendly content can help direct visitors towards your desired ‘call to action’ and help to drive sales.

It is important to carefully monitor and control brand activity on social media to protect against potential gaffes and mistakes – resulting in negative publicity and lost sales. Treat your social media as a constant representative of your brand and company activity.

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  1. Frameworks like Bootstrap have already made life of developers like us easier in creation of responsive design.
    Certainly branding on Mobile is necessary.

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