See How Popular Sites Looked When They Launched

How cool it could be, if you could actually see how Google, Yahoo! and other amazing websites used to look, when they just got started. All you would see is raw, web-page layouts, with no actual sense of CSS or JavaScript. Yes, that’s right. What we see today is a much advanced form of web-development, and this wasn’t the case about 15-20 years back when the Internet revolution picked up across the world. Wayback Time Machine is one such tool that takes you back in time, and lets you view exactly how a website used to look in its early days.


This is not all. You can actually see how the website transformed over the years, since Wayback Time Machine is an archive of websites, cached over the years and included in their official database, accessible to anyone. Surprisingly, you would be able to access almost all websites though this tool, but you won’t be able to view archives for Facebook, may be due to their privacy issues which weren’t really that strong in their early days. So here we go, starting with none other than our beloved HBB!

HellBound Bloggers [ March 5 ‘2009]


This is probably the first raw design, Pradeep started with in his early days. Well, I am not really sure if this was the first one or not, but this is the first impression of HBB on Wayback Time Machine.

Google [January 17 ‘1999]


The search engine giant wasn’t really the one sporting powerful CSS, JavaScript and not to forget the amazing Doodles. Google was in its BETA stages, way back in 1999.

Yahoo! [July 3 ‘1997]


And here’s Yahoo! in its early years, with a raw design and layout. Seems like the early impressions are not really in good quality in the Wayback Time Machine database, and hence we can see broken images in the picture above.

You can access any website using Wayback Time Machine easily. Try it out yourself and let us know your experience via the comments section below.