When To Expect Organic Search Engine Traffic On A New Blog?

search engine trafficRecently I have been focusing more on steps you need to undertake, in case you start a new blog. There is a simple reason behind it. We are now not living in the times of 2005 when getting your site indexed in Google, and receiving really good traffic from it was easy. We now have hurdles like Google’s Search Engine algorithm changes which are also called Panda Updates, and Penguin Updates. That is not all. For a particular niche, you get to face a lot of competition and it really gets difficult for you to rank among the top websites when it comes to Google’s Search Engine. Well, a lot has been changed over time, but there is still one thing which has never changed, which is proper SEO techniques. Search engines like Google still give preference to good SEO practices and it is particularly one thing which has not changed over time. Now a lot of newbie bloggers are a bit confused when it comes to expecting organic search engine traffic on their newly born blogs. In this article I decided to clear some of those doubts!

Firstly, there is not a sure shot answer in terms of number of days, or months when it comes to expecting organic search engine traffic on your blog. Some of you may feel that creating valid Sitemaps on your blog and submitting them on Google should be enough, but trust me, things remain same even if you do not do it at all. Sitemaps when submitted to Google only accelerates the procedure, but does not guarantee you that your blog pages or posts will be indexed on top of search engines.

It’s a time when Google takes into account two important factors, while ranking your website. The first is Quality Unique Content and the other is Quality Backlinks. Now if your blog is new, and you are updating it religiously everyday even with 3-4 articles, all unique but your blog does not have a good and relevant backlink structure, Google will know that your content is genuine, but it is not really sure if the content on your blog can prove out to be useful for readers. The backlinks at this point of time work as vote-banks for your blog that tells Google that readers can actually rely on the content on your blog. Thus, having only original content on your blog will not define your position in search engines.

Now once you start to work towards quality content on your blog, along with emphasis on developing relevant backlinks for your blog, it is then when you can expect organic traffic from Google within a couple of months. Things were not the same earlier. I still remember when I started my first blog in 2007, I started getting organic search engine traffic within a week of updating it. Now, even if you keep updating your blog regularly, you need to have patience and focus more on generating backlinks for your blog, after publishing quality content of course. It might take a while, but when you start receiving organic search engine traffic on your blog, assume that you are on the right track. Stay focused. 🙂

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