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CanadaCIS: How Working Holiday in Canada Changed Thousands of Lives


As the popular saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” while this statement is not far from the truth, “an equal balance of work and play will make Jack a happy boy”- Canada’s Working Holiday visa allows Jack to work and play!

Canada has always been on the top of to-go places on most immigrants’ list. Before now, not many people understand the different categories or types of Canadian visas that are available to them and how they can apply for them.

As we proceed in this article, we will attempt to highlight the different types of Canadian Visas and what criteria qualify you for each of them.

What is a Canada Visa?

A Canada visa serves as permission to legally travel and stay in a country, either on a shorter long-term basis.

If your visa application is granted and you successfully get a Canada visa, what it implies is that you have been cleared and found eligible to get into Canada by the Canadian Consulate or Embassy in your country.

However, upon arrival, the Canadian border and customs officers must further evaluate your eligibility and determine whether you can proceed beyond the border into the country.

Their job is quite straightforward, and all you have to do is to provide honest and correct answers to their questions – once they are satisfied with your response, there is no denying your entry!

On the other hand, if the Border Services Officer (BSO) isn’t convinced by your answers or suspects any foul play, he or she reserves the right to put you on the next flight back to your home country – even if you possess a valid Canada visa.

What are the Canada Visa Types?

The type of Visa you will apply for is dependent on your objective for visiting Canada. There are different categories of Visa for immigrants seeking to travel to Canada. Some of which include:

1. Visitor visas

2. Student visas

3. Work visas

4. Permanent Residence visas

5. Business Immigrant visas

7. Temporary Visa and lots more.

Once you understand what each of these Visas offers, you can proceed to apply for any one that suits your travel objective.

Getting a Canadian visa can be stress-free and shouldn’t take much of your time. However, if you don’t have proper orientation and expert guidance on the necessary steps to take, you may end up exhausted and distracted at the process.

Reviews show that going through the immigration process is much easier with a professional immigration consultant, dedicated to your success. Get a professional Immigration company to help with your immigration registration and documentation.

With many years of experience in helping immigrants secure their Canada visas, CanadaCIS offers the best Canada immigration services. Their passion for seeing worthy immigrants realizes their dream of working in Canada is second to none.

Their range of immigration services is unlimited and unrivaled. Part of their innovative approach to delivering expert Canada immigration support and expertise includes:

1. A step by step guide on choosing the right visa application and ensuring that your submissions are correct.

2. Prompt updates and information about processing your Visa and making the right career choice.

If you are looking to apply for a work visa, CanadaCIS will take you by the arm and show you profitable industries and companies that will help you build your career portfolio.

So, what is the Working Holiday Visa?

Keen on understanding what a working holiday visa is and how it is different from the regular work visa? We’ve got the answers.

Working holiday visa is a unique and often limited visa that is targeted at young immigrants (between the ages of 18 and 35) to work in Canada and still enjoy the beautiful culture and fascinating tourist attraction after the day’s work.

Tips For Stretching Those Company Dollars Further

This type of Visa is being handled by International Experience Canada (popularly known as IEC). IEC is a department under the Canadian government that handles immigration and citizenship cases.

They are in charge of issuing work permits, and since the working holiday visa is available to a limited number of entries, you must be fast and proactive to apply at the right time to boost your odds of getting accepted.

When it comes to registration and processing of a working holiday visa, CanadaCIS is your best bet. Tons of reviews from happy clients will attest to their competence, and the sky seems to be their springboard

More on Working Holiday Visa!

Like we already hinted earlier, Canada’s working holiday visa is specially designed to help young immigrants who want to experience the fun sides of Canada but cannot afford it, but are willing to work to cater to their traveling plans.

This option will help them earn while on their trip or tour around Canada – Hence, the idea of “Working Holiday Visa.”

It’s also worth mentioning that the students have higher tendencies of getting the application granted to work and travel in Canada. 

Being an International Experience Canada (IEC) program, the applicants are considered from countries that have a mutual understanding or agreement to exchange workers with Canada.

Another option is to approach a Recognized Organization (RO), preferably in your home country that has such an understanding and partnership with the Canadian government.

These organizations will assist with your IEC visa application at a fee and also make arrangements for your job under the IEC program.

Upon successful completion of the process, you will also be granted an “open work permit.” If you are wondering what an open work permit is, it allows you to travel to Canada, get a job, and you are free to work for different employers. 

Open permits also allow young immigrants or professionals to stay in Canada for a period of between one to two years. 

The work permits under the IEC program recognizes three categories of young immigrants, namely;

1. Working Holiday

2. Young Professionals

3. International Co-op

We have already discussed “working on holiday” at length. Now, let’s touch on the young professionals and the international Co-op category.


Young Professionals

This category of the International Experience Canada (IEC) program offers an astounding opportunity for immigrants from participating countries an opportunity to garner international experience in a Canadian company that matches their profession.

One major requirement that must be met by intending immigrants is a specific employer permit and a valid job offer from the employer indicating the position you will be employed into and how it will impact your career growth.

International Co-op Internship

You can think of this as interning for a Canadian company for a designated time. Applying for this category also requires an employer-specific permit. The applicant must also have a job offer for placement or internship in a Canadian company, and the immigrant must be willing to work or intern with the same employer through his or her stay.

There you have it! Hopefully, the information shared in this article will guide you and serve as a blueprint for making the most of Canada’s IED program, especially the working holiday offer. You can always reach CanadaCIS for expert opinion, guidance, and consultation on any aspect of Canada immigration.  


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