5 Basic Things To Do After Setting Up A New Blog

It’s a world of bloggers. True to the meaning, we are a part of generation which has changed the way how humans used to look up-to things online. For us, blogging is a profession, a hobby, a need or may be an interactive field to expand our social circle. Whatever it is, having a blog or owning a domain name is really not a big deal these days. The bigger thing is to touch success in the field of blogging primarily in terms of getting a wide reader base, and then secondarily generating revenue from it. Here is a list of top 5 things you should do, after setting up a new blog:

1. Create A Sitemap


A sitemap is like a hierarchy of links, posts and pages on your website. It is also a medium of letting Google know that your blog is ready for content to be extracted and placed in the Google. Creating a Sitemap is the first wise practice of maintaining a blog, since your data in Google’s Webmaster Tools depends very much on it as well. If you are not really sure of how to create a sitemap, you can use Google XML Sitemaps plugin to create a sitemap for you automatically. If you have lots of videos on your blog then you can also create a video sitemap for your blog.

2.Sign-Up For Google Webmaster Tools


Bloggers say, “If you are not on Google, you are almost invisible to the world” . Rightly said, the basic thing for you after you set up a blog is to sign up for Google’s Webmaster Tools service. It is the easiest way to get your site indexed in Google’s Search Engine after you submit a valid sitemap to Google. Also, you get to know if any errors are encountered while crawling your website or blog for content, and then you can rectify them later. You can sign-up for Google’s Webmaster Tools here. You can also add Google Analytics to this list.

3. Set Up Valid Feeds


Feeds are a way to keep your readers connected with the best and latest of content on your blog. The readers subscribing to your feeds can be considered as permanent readers of your blog since they are going to remain connected with you for a long time period. I personally recommend using FeedBurner to set up feeds for your blog, however you can always use the one you like. Also, you can place a widget on your blog sidebar or content , providing your readers the ease to subscribe directly on your website.

4. Create A Social Network Presence


It’s a time when major search engines take into account your Social Media existence and reach to rank your website or blog accordingly. Social media existence is now considered to be a good SEO practice, and Google considers it as one of its judgement factors for a blog. To improve your hold on social networks, you can share your content on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Further, you can also create a dedicated follow page for your readers on Facebook or Google+.

You can also use services like to control your own online reputation, and all the private data that includes. You can also block false, misleading or irrelevant content.

They also have tools to show you how visible you are online, the perception and tone of your presence and how much control you have over information posted about you.

5. Maintain A Blog Updating Frequency


Search Engine crawlers love to see new content on your blog every time they visit your blog. If you are new to blogging, start gradually with a frequency like 1 post a day, and try to maintain it. Once you pick things up, maintain optimal blogging frequency, and religiously follow it. Do not leave your blog ideal for months, the crawling bots would hate you for doing that.

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45 thoughts on “5 Basic Things To Do After Setting Up A New Blog”

  1. Well Thank You Siddhant! I have a blog in partnership so i never did these things. As now i have started a new blog and these information helped me a lot. May be for most of them, these are just the basics, but let me tell you without these basic steps, one can’t start a blog. Thank you for such a great article. Keep sharing! These things will help me a lot.

  2. Nice little “to do” list. Many of these steps can be done with Yoast all in one SEO plugin in think… I recommend installing it and then following the steps covered in this blog.

  3. that i do now 🙂
    another than that, try submit your article to bookmark site that have higher PR 

  4. Feeds is something I always consider in my blog! Well, it makes people more comfortable to read the latest updates in their inbox! Well, I feel this is the most important criteria one should always consider! 

  5. setting up feed and making quality post regularly are most important … without regular update no blog can be successful

  6. Sidhant Chadha,
    These are valid points, and must need to keep the blog with life. 

  7. Great and useful post and you posted it in good order, setting up sitemap is very important. You don’t want Google to miss your website or not index some of your pages, that’s just bad for your business.
    thanks for sharing 

  8. Very nice and informative post for newbies. If I set a new blog then I will go to do the on page optimization of the site first then start writing the content. Then I will sign up for webmasters and analytics. 🙂

  9. nice tips i like the point of frequent updation which is very important for a new blog 

  10. The last pointer is more addictive to me rather then all! I am blogging since 3 years & this was the aspect I always maintained so that people coming up would be very beneficial! I still try to make things according to the disciplined pattern that I have planned!

  11. Hi,

    If you are really serious about your success then i think you should involve himself in social media as soon as possible.  

  12. For a newbie its better to work with other then to start a blog ….so that he can understand the concept 

  13. i think social voting is very important in starting ……….to show your presence thanx for sharing such good stuff

  14. Nice tips as only few dares to write something very basic , i hope these tips will help newbie bloggers

  15. First two is the most important and 3rd we should do is to sign up for analytics because we can keep track of visits  and their sources

    Thanks for nice post. 

    1. I mentioned WebMaster Tools because it helps you getting indexed quickly in Google. Analytics comes after some time when you want to track the stats 🙂

  16. I think finding a best theme and signing up for Google analytics are also some important steps.
    Thanks for your post.

    1. I am talking about the steps to be taken care of after your blog has been set up 🙂 That involves buying domain name, choosing your blogging platform and adjusting the Theme as well. 

  17. Hi Sidhant,
    Out of all your points described i am following the XML Sitemaps, Google Analytics, Social Media Presence and Regular Time Schedule to build my trust over my audience.
    The left is just Focus on RSS. I’ll surely give it my best try from now.
    Thats a really informative post.

  18. Now  days creating social media profiles for your blog is essential part of blogging…

    1. As I always say, never keep all of your eggs in one basket. Likely, never depend completely on Google for traffic. Strengthen your social existence rather! Thanks 🙂

  19. I too think the same. I think just after releasing a blog we should create social pages in order to reach more and more people. By the way you shared a good post to help the newbies..!!

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