Simple Tips To Maximize Your Earnings With HostGator Affiliate Program

Tired of using Google AdSense or similar services on your blog as the only source of revenue and still not satisfied with the income it is generating for you? However, I do not promote blogging for money, but if you are religiously spending quite a lot of your time maintaining a blog, you definitely deserve rewards. While generating income from a blog should always be the secondary step for any blogger, the first one should always be to receive a decent traffic and critical response on your blog. In this article I will be specifically talking about the HostGator Affiliate program and simple tips to maximize your earnings using it.


One reason why I am particularly talking about HostGator’s Affiliate Program is that even if you are not a HostGator customer, you can still sign-up for their affiliate program here and instantly display banners on your website along with promotional codes that will help you earn decent revenue.

# Select a high CTR zone for banners:


Do you see the top right HostGator banner on HBB, next to the blog header? Well, that is probably one of the most targeted zones on this blog. Select a specific region on your blog which you think will not be missed by readers. Make sure you do not fill your blog which banners and other advertisement units, or else there are chances that readers on your blog will become ‘ad blind’.

# Create coupon codes:

Once you sign-up with the HostGator affiliate program, you can easily create coupon codes for your account. Coupon codes are usually alpha-numeric discount vouchers using which, your readers can get a discount upto 25% on any purchase from HostGator US. Unfortunately, this service is currently in-active for HostGator India.

# Promote coupon codes via social networks:

If you are a regular reader of HBB, I am sure you would be aware of the power of social media and the wonders it can perform for your blog or website. Once your coupon codes are active, you can easily promote them on your Facebook fan page. Believe me, there are hundreds of people wanting to start a new blog or website. For them, discount coupon codes can be attracting.

# Offer free services if you can:

This is an optional step, i.e you don’t really need to follow this up if you don’t want to. For the customers using your coupon code to sign-up, you can offer services like free WordPress installation. The word ‘free’ attracts people from all fields and thus, you leave no reason for people to not to sign-up for HostGator web-hosting using your coupon codes.

These are some simple steps which can boost up your affiliate sales earning instantly. Please feel free to let me know your comments or doubts via the comments section below.