Increase Your Blog’s Brand Awareness with Facebook Page

Blog Brand Facebook PageFacebook Page can be used to increase brand awareness for your blog. Brand awareness is important to increase your blog popularity. The stronger your brand, the more popular your blog will be. Also, you will get more traffic as a result. With strong popularity, you can build good reputation and authority in your niche. Here are 5 tips to increase your blog’s brand awareness with Facebook Page:

1. Put Facebook social plugin in your blog

Believe it or not, Facebook social plugin can actually help you to increase your blog reputation and strengthen your brand. When you put this plugin in your blog, people will see how many fans you have on Facebook. The more fans you have, the more people will regard your blog as reputable. If you don’t have any presence in Facebook, people can’t see how popular your blog is.


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2. Open contest for your fans

In your Facebook Page, you can open little contest for your fans regularly. You don’t need to promise a big prize. A small prize will do, such as free paid report from your blog or something else. This will help to attract people’s interest toward your blog. More and more people will like your page and know about your blog.

3. Keep your page active

Don’t abandon your Facebook page. You need to keep it active so that people can frequently visit your page. A dead fan page is like a dead website. People won’t visit it again when they know that it is dead. So, you should update your fan page as often as you can. You can post updates about your blog as well as other interesting stuffs, such as fun facts, inspiration quotes, thought for the day, and so on.

4. Encourage discussion

You should encourage discussion in your Facebook page. The more people commenting on your status updates, the better your page will look. An active discussion is impossible without your encouragement. So, you should post status updates that will encourage discussions among your fans. Make each of your status interesting so that people will want to comment on it.

5. Advertise your Facebook Page

Lastly, you need to make your Facebook Page bigger. You need to have more and more followers in your page so that people will see your blog as authoritative blog within your niche. The more likes that you have in your page, the more people will like it as well. So, it’s a kind of domino effect. You can increase your fans by advertising your page using Facebook Ads platform. It will help you to gain more followers on Facebook.

Once you’ve established a strong presence on Facebook, people will start to visit your website in big numbers. That’s because they regard your blog as reputable and popular due to the fact that you can attract much followers on your Facebook Page. It will give positive effect to your blog brand.


5 Design Flaws That Will Make Your Ecommerce Website Look Scammy

Ecommerce Design FlawsWith today’s Technology, people can easily make purchases from the comfort of their home via various eCommerce websites. The most popular one is Amazon. This is the biggest ecommerce website on the Internet, which has gained much of their customer’s trust. Customers no longer feel reluctant to buy from Amazon because they know that it is a trusted ecommerce website.

Do you know the biggest factor that makes your ecommerce website trustworthy? It’s the design. Generally, ecommerce website that looks professional will be trusted by their customers and get more sales. So, if you have an ecommerce website and want to improve your sales, you should focus on improving your design. In fact, if there are flaws in your ecommerce web design, you may lose lots of customers because you’re making your website look scammy for them. Of course, when you do the mistakes, people won’t trust your website, let alone buy from it. Here are 5 design flaws that will make your ecommerce website look scammy:

1. Lack of Product Information

People need to know about the product that they are buying as much as possible. They don’t want to risk their money on buying vague product. When you put a product on your website, you have to give as much information as possible to help people know about the product. Don’t just list the product name and the price. You have to put some description about the product, some images, videos, and so on. Those things can affect your visitors’ buying decision.

2. Lack of Company Information

Are you a legit company selling legit products? You have to put your company information as clearly as possible. Put your email address, put your physical address, put your company name as well as the owner name, and let people reach you easily. Don’t hide from your customers. It shows that you have some responsibility.

3. Complicated Ordering Process

Make ordering your product as simple as possible, as simple as 1-2-3. Don’t put your customers into headache just to make some purchases from your website. Give enough guidance for your visitors about how to purchase your product. Use simple checkout process. In this way, you are helping yourself to make more sales from your website.

4. Low Quality Graphic Design

Your website logo, your layout, your sidebar, and all things related to your ecommerce web design should have professional look. If you put low quality graphic design to your website, then you will not be able to attract people’s attention as well as gain their trust. If you are selling something, be sure to make your online shop look like real Business. If you can’t do graphic design, then hire a professional to completely redesign your website into a modern look.

5. Bad Categorization

If you’re selling lots of products on your ecommerce website, then you have to make sure to categorize your product properly. Bad categorization is often a cause of visitors’ irritation toward your website. Imagine when a visitor wants to buy specific product but can’t find it in its proper category. It will be a waste of their time to search all over your website just to find one particular product. So, categorize your website properly so that people can find the product that they want to buy quickly.

Don’t make the flaws above in your ecommerce website. Those can kill your business very quickly. And if you realize that you’ve made those design mistakes, make sure to redesign your website and start over.

This article is written by Adeel Zia. He is a senior editor and Internet Marketing manager of an E-Commerce website deals in iPhone 5 Cases and accessories. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.

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